The Plot Sickens Rusted Brain - High Voltage Thrash (Slaney Records) 2013

1.  Apocalyspe Now [intro] (1:22)
2.  Caught in the Fire (2:30)
3.  Bloodpath (4:56)
4.  Waiting for Death (4:36)
5.  Juggler (2:11)
6 . Terrorzone (3:27)
7.  Executor (3:10)
8.  High Voltage Thrash (3:26)
9.  Burn 'Em (2:46)

Rusted Brain are an old-school thrash metal band hailing from Warsaw, Poland whose full-length debut is on independent Irish label Slaney Records. Slaney has been releasing a slew of killer thrash metal releases including Vindicator and Possessor. Rusted Brain fit neatly into the fold. "High Voltage Thrash" is a killer thrash metal album. The CD begins with a short intro titled "Apocalypse Now" before bursting into the first of eight fast and furious thrash metal numbers. From the moment "Caught in the Fire" starts through the last seconds of "Burn 'Em", the speed, intensity and ear-pumelling doesn't let up. Each and every song is as heavy and furious as the next. 

Vocalist Damian "Rumcayz" Lodowski has an intense raspy vocal delivery. Unlike many neo-thrash bands, he doesn't use a death metal growl or metalcore grunt, but balances on the fence between a thrash shout and actual singing. His vocal melodies keep the album from sounding too samey and give the songs some much needed hook. Musically, the band chugs along at break-neck speed like they came out of the Bay Area of California, USA in 1987! "Jugular" in particular has a flair not unlike early Exodus and Metallica. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal influences are also apparent, especially in some of the guitar work. The guitar tandem of Przemek "Rogal" Rogalski and Michal "Kretu" Czerniakowski often mirror that of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. (Take note of the ending moments of "Bloodpath" or the bridge of "Executor".) The guitarists also unleash some chaotic guitar solos. Of course what would a thrash metal band be without a flurry of double bass and those fast downbeats? "HVT" is jam packed with them. 

Rusted Brain are another welcome addition to the ever growing crop of neo-thrash metal bands and "High Voltage Thrash" is well worth being part of any thrash metal fans collection. This short album definitely lives up to it's name. BEWARE! Listening to this CD while driving may cause you to exceed the speed limit!

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