Apocalypse Inside Sacrifice - Apocalypse Inside
(Metal Blade) 1993

1. "My Eyes See Red" (2:24)
2. "Apocalypse Inside" (3:40)
3. "Flesh" (3:10)
4. "Salvation" (5:04)
5. "Beneath What You See" (5:25)
6. "Incarcerated" (5:38)
7. "Ruins of the Old" (5:00)
8. "The Lost" (4:57)
9. "Freedom Slave" (4:03)

Wedged somewhere between thrash and death metal, I put this excellent disc in the same school as Death or perhaps Believer.  Loads of chunky riffs and high, shrill vocals that parallel those heard on Death's "Sound of Pereserverance." The music itself is tight, technical and actually has some memorable hooks, something uncommon for death metal. What works even more for this band is that they vary the speed. Besides the usual warp speed riffing, there are also lots of slow to mid-tempo rhythms to keep the mix interesting. I think this is what makes and breaks some albums. Speed is good, but if overused, tends to get boring and frankly sometimes the music is heavier when it's a little slower.

These guys toured Europe with Bolt Thrower and Believer. Now that is a show I wish I could have gone to love to have seen.

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