Igra Narave Sarcasm - Igra Narave/Crematory (On-Parole) 2002

Igra Narave (2002)
1. "Slovenski genocid" (4:304)
2. "Dej mi/Sarcasma" (4:14)
3. "Sarajevo by Night" (3:56)
4. "P.P.N." (4:33)
5. "Prièakovanje" (2:45)
6. "Tell me Lies" (3:41)
7. "Zena" (2:31)
Crematory (1989)
8. "Road Warriors" (4:19)
9. "Crematory" (5:10)
10. "Sarcastic Reborn" [instrumetal] (3:11)
11. "Thrash Tonight" (3:02)
12. "Love at First Sight" (4:13)
13. "The Krüger Story" (4:06)
14. "Fate" (3:25)
15. "Runaway" (2:55)
Bonus Tracks
16. "Eclipse" (4:15)
17. "Don't Care if They Know " (4:07)

A reader of my site suggested this CD to me knowing that I am a big thrash fan and always on the lookout for obscure thrash. He was even so kind as to trade me for a copy. Well, on first listen, I was very disappointed. The "Igra Narave" tracks just aren't very good and really aren't even thrash. The songs plod along at a mid-pace and the vocals are very mundane as well. However, once past those tracks, "Crematory" from 1989 is actually quite good. Rememeber the days when you would discover a band on those cool Metal Massacre and U.S. Metal compilations? That is exactly what I felt like after my initial disappointment with tracks 1-7. "Crematory" is old school speed metal/thrash with interesting vocals and losts of cool guitar pyrotechnics as well. It's a shame that these songs weren't put first on the CD, but I guess that is what the skip button is for.

For those who only speak English, here is the translation of the Slovian titles; "Igra Narave" means Game of Nature, 1.Slovenski genocid (Slovenian Genocide), 2.Dej mi/Sarcasma (Give Me/Sarcasm), 5. "Pričakovanje" (Expectation) & 7. Zena (Wife).

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