Schaliach is a project of Extol's Ole Borud. They play a beautiful form of melodic death metal.

Sonrise Schaliach - Sonrise (Petroleum) 1996

1. "The Last Creed" (6:43)
2. "You Maintain" (7:50)
3. "In Memoriam" (2:23)
4. "A Fathers Mourning" (9:25)
5. "A Whisper From Heaven" (4:53)
6. "On A Different Day" (5:42)
7. "Coming of The Dawn" (3:08)
8. "Sonrise" (5:23)

I am not a big fan of death metal as I feel most of the bands sound like cookie-cutter clones of each other, especially when it comes to vocalists. There are a few like Extol and older Amorphis that really stand out as they actually know what melody is. Schaliach are another death metal band that incorporated melodies and harmonies into their music. The music is progressive, epic and full of emotion. The only thing I can compare it to is Amorphis' "Tales from the Thousand Lakes" on steroids. It's not that the music is at all the same, but it evokes the same kind of emotion. Schaliach is a side project of Ole Bodrud, who later became a member Extol. This disc went out of print quick and is hard to find. I wanted to kick myself for not buying it when it was availalble. I even tried to convince my friend Bob to sell me his copy. (He wouldn't!) Luckily I found this used copy in a large chain store for $4.92. Ah, much better than the $25+ I would have had to pay for this Norwegian import.

Schaliach are also on the Norwegian Metal Compilation (Rowe Productions)

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