The Scream of the Guillotine

Scream of the Guillotine The Scream of the Guillotine (independant) 2001
Act I
1. Dream Sequence One-The Martyr's Death (2:19)
2. Scream of the Guillotine [instrumental] (3:01)
3. Tell Me Why (3:47)
4. Son of Hell (3:42)
5. It's Time (5:29)
6. Street Sirens [instrumental] (5:28)
7. What Do You Want With Me? (3:29)

Act II
8. A. On the Street-Looking for Krystyl (4:29)
....B. In the Club-The Mirage
....C. Conversation with Krystyl
9. A. Steven Wakes Up (2:11)
....B. Steven Rums from The Mirage and attempts Suicide
10. Andrew's Prayer (4:14)
11. Cracks of Time (4:26)
12. Holy Unto Thee (3:22)
13. The Finale-Glory (4:38)
14. Postlude Music - 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 NIV (1:25)

This is a project of Sardonyx vocalist Tom Denlinger and what a project it is. It's a bit odd in that it's not like the typical concept record, rather this is more of a theatrical production put on cd, complete with spoken parts, instrumentals and plenty of progressive rock and metal numbers. The musicianship is excellent, bringing to mind the quality and musicianship of Dream Theater while not necessarily sounding like them.While this be true, this disc has to be listened to more for the story than just the music. A 32-page booklet is also included and is part of the whole theatrical experience. The story is based around the life of a guy named Steve who comes from a Christian home, but soon finds himself rebelling against God. The part of Alex is played by Tom. As for the complete story, for those who are interested, get the disc, it'll be worth your while. Check out

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