Screams of Choas

Genetic War Screams of Chaos - Genetic War (Oracle Distribution)

1. "Warcrime" (2:37)
2. "Genetic War" (2:48)
3. "Infanticide-The Scourge of Impurity" (2:53)
4. "Whar D'Aar" (2:37)
5. "A Conquering Force" (5:29)
6. "Ancient Failure" (3:07)
7. "Submission Before Death" (4:08)
8. "Universal Chaos" (3:11)
9. "Internal Disease" (4:25)
10. "Reality" (3:55)
11. "Insane" (3:02)
12. "This Deadly Horror" (3:49)
13. "Seventh Seal" (4:46)

I guess this album would be labeled Industrial, but as with any label, there are tons of variences in the styles. Australia's Screams of Chaos are a strange mix of industrial, death metal, black metal and even classic metal. The band members alone are enough to make me wonder what this band is all about: Derasi-Vorde, drums of chaos, wears corpse paint and looks like a typical(?) black metaller. Cyberious Worgoth, guitars of chaos, looks like he would be playing in an extreme thrash or death metal band. Abyssinial Bor Tyrennium, bass of ridgid insanity, looks like he is straight out of a NYC hardcore band. Galacticus Sarcophagus, vocals & keyboards, looks like he might be the vocalist for Virgin Steele, Manowar or some other classic metal band. The liner notes includes a large list of "hails" with Manowar at the top of the list, separated from the rest. Other bands in the list included : Mortification, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Slayer, Amorphis, Tourniquet, Sepultura, Segression, Moonspell, Metanoia and a large list of others. It almost looks like my cd collection is listed as their influences. As diverse as the band members and their musical tastes are, the music is just as diverse, mixing in industrial sounds and samples with a variety of heavy metal styles but including large doses of classic metal and thrash. Overall a very bizarre, but interesting cd.

This band also has a bunch of songs on the various Australian Metal Compilations by Rowe Productions.

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