Sea Hags Sea Hags (Chrysalis) 1989

1.      Half The Way Valley (3:05)
2.      Doghouse (4:28)
3.      Too Much T-Bone (3:10)
4.      Someday (5.05)
5.      Back To The Grind (4:17)
6.      Bunkbed Creek [instrumental] (2:31)
7.      In The Mood For Love (3:06)
8.      Miss Fortune (4:24)
9.      All The Time (3:41)
10.     Three's A Charm (2:41)
11.     Under The Night Stars (4:07)

The Sea Hags are down 'n dirty, downright nasty, raunchy American, rock 'n roll! Though they sound like they were born on the Sunset Strip, the band are actually from San Francisco. A quick scan of the web reveals most sites have them pegged as a glam band. 80's glam to me was bands like Poison and Warrant. The Sea Hags have more in common with bands like Faster Pussycat and the more obscure Uncle Sam. There is almost a punk quality to their music that trumps the glam tag. I could almost describe it as a marriage between The Ramones and LA Guns with the New York Dolls as their mistress. No doubt the Sea Hags were singed to the big label in an attempt to cash in on the fame and fortune of Guns n Roses. The Sea Hags Chrysalis Records debut was even produced by GnR producer Mike Clink, who produced the infamous "Appetite for Destruction" LP.  However, the Sea Hags just sound like a badass bar band to me. I'm sure that's exactly what they were. However, the band had the hooks and the chops to conquer the rock and roll world. The only thing really missing is the big "hit" single to push them over the edge.

Being that this album was recorded in '89, the production is actually a bit cleaner than I would have preferred. The recording is not super clean, as many late 80's recordings were, but a slightly grittier guitar sound would have given the band a bit more edge. Regardless, I find the Sea Hags debut to be a solid, down 'n dirty, downright nasty, raunchy American, rock 'n roll record.

The Sea Hags lived the rough and raunchy lifestyle that they sang about. The band crashed and burned after only one album and one tour. From what I have read, the band's debut album was actually recorded and ready for released in '88, but the album and tour was postponed due to vocalist Ron Yocom and bassist Chris Schlosshardt's drug addiction. Apparently their label helped them get clean before sending them out to promote the album. However it was short-lived as bass player Chris Schlosshardt died of a heroin overdose in 1991 effectively ending the band.

According to a post on by guitarist Adam Maples, though he is listed as a band member, "Frank Wilsey didn't play a note on the Sea Hags LP. All lead guitar was Kevin Russell. Frankie joined after it came out."

Guitarist Frankie Wilsey joined Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) and Fred Coury (Cinderella, Chastain) and helped form Arcade in '93.

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