In the Red Seventh Seal - Messengers of Love (Loud Level) 1990

1.   Messengers Of Love (5:02)
2.   Fantasy [instrumental] (2:15)
3.   Revelation - God Has The Power (4:49)
4.   Your Love (6:03)
5.   Free (3:26)
6.   Sparkling Diamond (4:27)
7.   The Seventh Seal [intro] (1:29)
8.   Visions Of Tomorrow (4:24)
9.   Born Again (4:43)
10. Break Out (4:42)
11. Eternal Love (4:00)
12. The Calling (4:43)

Seventh Seal are a Norwegian heavy metal band there were formed in 1985, originally under the name Revelation. After signing with a major record label, the band recorded "Messengers of Love" in 1988, but the label decided not to release the record. The album was finally released in limited quantities on an independent label in 1990. As far as I know, it is the band's one and only full-length release. The band's sound on "Messengers of Love" is heavily influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen and fellow Nowegian's TNT. Featuring a guitar tandem of Geir T.Ugland and Geir Knudsen, the music is full of fiery axe work, twin-guitar leads, and galloping heavy metal riffs. The neo-classical elements can be heard throughout, especially in the guitar work. Ronnie LeTekrø and Yngwie Malmsteen's influence can be heard throughout.

What makes "Messengers of Love" quite unusual is the vocals. Mark Bjorvand uses a lot of high falsetto style vocals. I've often used the term "helium high" to describe vocalist who have higher register voices. With Bjorvand that description seems to work particularly well as his vocals, at times, literally sound like he's been sucking helium out of balloons. At times, Bjorvand reminds me of Ronnie Keel, especially back in the Steeler days. There are times when he uses a non-falsetto singing voice, such as the opening moments of the power ballad "Your Love". He can actually sing quite well but usually slips back into the high-pitched falsetto style. Sometimes it works, other times it's a bit un-nerving and grating. It's also important to note that Seventh Seal's lyrics are all Christian/Bible based and strongly evangelistic.

At one time this CD was quite the collectible. In 2007 Retroactive Records released a limited edition run of 1,000 copies, making a total of 2,000 copies ever pressed to CD.

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