El Gato De La Slam Slamcat - El Gato De La Slam (CrossCheck) 1996

1. "Back to You" (6:25)
2. "Commitment" (2:45)
3. "Before God" (4:58)
4. "S.S.C." (2:29)
5. "Mercy and Grace" (5:06)
6. "Red River" (5:12)
7. "Nothing" (4:29)
8. "Drop the Puck" (6:28)

Picked up this indie disc when I saw this band at the Texas Rockfest. Slamcat are made up of three members: Micheal, Duane, and female guitarist Janna Fishback. When they were around, magazines like HM slobbered all over them, promoting them as the next hot band, but alas, they never took off. Anyhow, this short album is full of heavy grooves with lyrical themes that range from Christianity to the band's love for hockey. "Red River" is a cover of a One Bad Pig song. Oh, one other thing, the cat on the cover is printed with glow in the dark ink and surrounded by neon colors so this thing looks better in the dark than in the light.

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