Sons of Angels Sons of Angels (Atlantic) 1990

1. "Cowgirl" (4:13)
2. "Spend the Night" (5:05)
3. "Look Out for Love" (4:52)
4. "Lonely Rose" (4:35)
5. "Rock and Roll Star" (5:26)
6. "Trance Dance" (5:31)
7. "Would You Die for Me" (4:38)
8. "Fight" (5:46)
9. "Could it be Love" (5:00)
10. "Fly" (6:16)

Norwegian band, with Solli (also in Psycho Motel) on vocals. While most reviews I have read describe this as "pop metal" I would tend to disagree. There really isn't anything metallic about this CD at all. Sons of Angels is light rock and has elements of funk, country, and blues. Produced by Kevin Elson, best known for his work with Y&T and Mr.Big, the overall sound is pretty clean and polished up. I probably would have liked this more had it been a bit dirtier and heavier. Overall, however, not a band listen for the more melancholy moments in my life.

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