Spirit Web

Spirit Web Spirit Web (Stentorian)

1. "Ghostly Chill" (6:38)
2. "Seeping Shadows" (5:09)
3. "Cut You Loose" (6:53)
4. "Osiris Be Thy Judge" (6:04)
5. "Foolish Hope" (4:48)
6. "Once Beyond" (8:47)
7. "Madness Creeps" (5:14)
8. "Never Time" (5:03)
9. "Days of Nowhere" (6:22)
10. "Undivine Intervention" (4:43)
11. "Reflections and Sighs" (7:19)

The only thing I know about this band is that vocalist Scott Huffman is/was the vocalist for Syris. His vocals sometimes remind me of Ray Alder (Fates Warning). The music contained is quite good, aggressive and progressive heavy metal. The band is technically proficient, but as with many prog-metal bands, sometimes the songs and the hooks become second to the technical playing and time changes.

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