The Prophecy Squealer - The Prophecy (Metal Blade/AFM) 1999

1. "The Prophecy (The Final Sign)" (:41)
2. "Friends for Life" (3:08)
3. "...but No One Cares" (4:45)
4. "Live Everyday" (4:16)
5. "Hold on Tight" (4:00)
6. "To Die For (...Your Sins)" (5:08)
7. "Nowhere to Hide" (5:34)
8. "I See the World" (2:33)
9. "The Meaning of Life" (5:05)
10. "Enjoy the Silence" (3:06)
11. "The Prophecy (Follow Me)" (4:00)

Squealer walk a thin line between modern power metal and thrash metal, although leaning closer to the power metal side.. Apparenlty Squealer started out as a thrash band and morphed into this more melodic, progressive sound. Musically, the band is similar in style to Brainstorm of even Grave Digger at times. The vocals range from thrash and aggressive to high-pitched and melodic. "Friends for Life" is a fast and furious number that recalls those speed metal days of old, while "No One Cares" is much more melodic. This is actually one of those tracks that reminds me of Grave Digger and Brainstorm. The song is slow and heavy, mixing in some keys that add to the song without making it sound light and wimpy. Even the vocals on this song are more gravely, not unlike Chris Boltendahl. "Live Everyday" picks up the pace a bit and mixes the vocal styles, adding in some killer layered background vox. "To Die For (...Your Sins)" has a more melancholy, gothic sound with a mixture of clean, somber vocals and yelled thrash vocals. During the more somber moments of this song I am reminded of Paradise Lost, while the heavier parts recall that more classic, melodic, power metal sound like Grave Digger."Enjoy the Silence" has a similar doomy, gothic tone. So it goes throughout the CD, as each song is quite different from the one before it, each song possessing it's own unique charm, yet without sounding disjointed.

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