Stars That Move

Voodoo Hill Stars That Move (Stone Groove) 2015
1. I Hold a Gaze (2:44)
2. The Blue Prince (3:45)
3. From East to West (3:32)
4. A National Acrobat (4:37)
5. The Hidden Hand (3:29)
6. She That Rules the King (2:52)
7. No Evil Star [instrumental] (:38)
8. Burning in Flames (3:48)

The debut CD from Stars That Move featuring former members of the doom/stoner band Starchild. Hailing from Waycross, GA, USA, this band is blend of melodic stoner rock and 70's style doom. The band is obviously heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, so much so that they offer up a tribute in a cover of "A National Acrobat". As well, the short instrumental reminds me of classic Sabbath instrumentals such as "Laguna Sunrise" and "Orchid". The riffs are heavy, the tempos are slow, slower and slowest and the female vocals are melodic and haunting. Best of all the songs are memorable and not long and drawn out. A fantastic debut from Stars that Move.

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