Early Germany heavy metal band featuring guitarist Axel Rudi Pell, who will go on to great success as a solo shred artist.

Steeler Steeler (Earthshaker) 1984

1. "Chains are Broken" (3:52)
2. "Gonna Find Some Place in Hell" (3:06)
3. "Heavy Metal Century" (5:07
4. "Sent from the Evil" (4:22
5. "Long Way" (3:53
6. "Call her Princess" (3:05
7. "Love for Sale" (4:12
8. "Hydrophobia" (3:45
9. "Fallen Angel" (6:18)


\Strike Back Steeler - Strike Back (SteamHammer) 1986

1.      Rockin' the City  (3:58)
2.      Money Doesn't Count (4:53)
3.      Chain Gang (3:37)
4.      Messin' Around With Fire (4:20)
5.      Icecold (4:06)
6.      Strike Back  (4:05)
7.      Danger Comeback (3:49)
8.      Night After Night (5:07)
9.      Waiting for a Star  (4:41)

Depending on which side of the pond you are on, Steeler either meant the US band with Ynqwie and Ron Keel, or the Steeler from Germany with Axel Rudi Pell. The American band only released on proper album before fragmenting. This Steeler, from Germany, recorded a string of records. "Strike Back" was the band's third release and had them continuing in the melodic, traditional heavy metal direction.

The music is pretty standard fair for a 1980's German metal band. There are plenty of upbeat, Accept styled heavy metal numbers such as "Danger Comeback", "Chain Gang", "Strike Back" and "Rockin' The City". "Strike Back" even pushes the boundaries of speed/thrash metal. "Money Doesn't Count" brings the band into slightly more commercial, melodic territory, not unlike fellow German rockers Sinner. "Ice Cold" is a mid-paced, galloping heavy metal number that walks a line between the more melodic side of the band and the more traditional metal side. The album end with the power ballad "Waiting for A Star".

Vocalist Peter Burtz has a nice, gritty heavy metal voice. Burtz had formerly sang in German metal band Avenger, the band that eventually became Rage. I can easily imagine Burtz singing in a thrash metal band. As with a lot of the German metal bands from the 80's, there are some excellent gang shouts and layered background vocals as well. Of course, what set Steeler apart from the crowd was the guitar pyrotechnics of resident shredder Axel Rudi Pell. Pell lets loose with plenty of ferocious licks throughout this collection of songs.

The "Strike Back" cover painting wass done by Julia M.Goode, who is also known for her artwork for Ozzy Osbourne.

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