Steel Horse

Wild Power Steel Horse - Wild Power (Stormspell) 2010

1. Sons of Fire (4:15)
2. Run to Survive (3:57)
3. Burning Soul (4:33)
4. Wild Power (3:41)
5. Nemesis [instrumental] (5:53)
6. Raise Your Fist (5:08)
7. Line of Fire (4:12)
8. Winds of Time (5:32)
9. Night Terrors (5:34)

As if thirty years hadn't passed since the mighty NWOBHM movement, Steel Horse come galloping out with a traditional heavy metal album that could easily have been part of that classic heavy metal movement. The band, which is based out of Madrid, Spain, have obviously spent a lot of time listening to and studying bands like Tygers of Pan Tang, Saxon, Tokyo Blade, etc. There is also some hints of early 80's, American heavy metal bands like Riot as well. However, this is no tribute album. Steel Horse do not sound like any one particular band, even if their sound is based on a movement from three decades ago. Their songs are rich with crunchy. galloping riffs, competent guitar solos, slightly raspy vocals, and a balance of melody and heavy aggression. The songs themselves aren't overly complex, but then again the majority of the classic heavy metal bands never really were. The production, while also attempting to recreate that classic sound, is still modern enough that it sounds great cranked through my system. Basically, Steel Horse are proudly flying that tattered old heavy metal flag.

In the Storm Steel Horse - In the Storm (Firefield Records) 2011

1.  The Rebel (4:00)
2.  In the Storm (5:41)
3.  Cross the Edge (3:45)
4.  Thunderdome (4:47)
5.  Crystal Grave (7:11)
6.  Land of the Wolves (4:45)
7.  Live to Rock (4:06)
8.  Nocturne (6:28)
9. The Sacred Runes [instrumental] (3:58)

"In the Storm" is the sophomore release from new wave of traditional heavy metal band Steel Horse. Much like the band's mighty debut, "In the Storm" gallops along with heavy riffs and an early 80's NWOBHM vibe. Even the cover art has that early 80's heavy metal feel. Steel Horse proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, giving a nod to greats like Iron Maiden, Tygers of Pan Tang and Judas Priest while sitting well alongside bands like White Wizzard, Holy Grail and Enforcer. The songs are build around galloping riffs, a pounding rhythm section, tasty guitar licks, ever-so-slightly raspy vocals and a clean production that doesn't rob the band of their raw, heavy metal sound. Steel Horse have everything that a traditional heavy metal fan could expect from a band. There is no sophomore slump for these Spaniard metal fanatics. 

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