Steven Patrick
Steven Patrick was the on-again, off-again vocalist for Holy Soldier.

Red Reign Steven Patrick - Red Reign (Emerald Stare) 1995

1. "Run Like the Devil" (5:20)
2. "Fire" (5:31)
3. "That's The Way" (5:26)
4. "Catfish" (3:54)
5. "Take A Little Time" (3:54)
6. "Shepherd's Eyes" (4:47)
7. "Angel Sing" (5:24)
8. "Sparrow Song" (4:19)
9. "Revelation" [instrumental] (2:28)
10. "So Longs, Say Goodbye" (4:49)

This album sound more like the follow-up to Holy Soldier's "Last Train" than Holy Soldier's actual follow-up "Promise Man.". This solo disc is simply outstanding melodic heavy metal. I think Steven has a very unique voice that gave both Holy Soldier and this solo disc a certain charisma that is all his. The disc starts of with a track that very well could have been off "Last Train" called "Run Like the Devil," a mid-paced rocker, before slamming home the heaviest song on the disc, "Fire." "That's the Way" is another track that has that melodic, Holy Soldier sound. The guitar soloing in this song is quite impressive. Steven's brother Sean O'Donnell performs almost all of the guitar work on this disc. As a matter of fact, "Revelation" is an instrumental track written by Sean and featuring his guitar work. "Take A Little Time" is an emotional ballad with a lyrical hook that will stick to you like glue. "Shepherd's Eyes" is a more upbeat song that starts off as a power ballad before breaking into a slightly heavier groove. This particular song has a lot of dynamics with the mix of clean and crunchy guitars. The production on this disc is quite good as well, sounding a tad better than the two Holy Soldier discs, mostly due to the fact that the guitars are more out front than on those discs.

Silly story about this disc. I actually bought it when it first came out. The first orders were given an autographed b&w glossy photo as well. Well, I ended up giving this disc away, despite the fact that I like it so much. At the time I really felt God was telling me to give it to a girl who was having some real struggles in her life, as she really liked this disc as well. I blessed here with it. Well, to make a long story short, I never could find another copy. Copies occassionally showed up on eBay but always sold at the $70 range, which is WAYYY to much for my budget. Well, I kept this disc on my want list for years. A friend offered me a cdr copy with full artwork, which held me over for the last year. Well, finally a trader from The Netherlands came up with a mint copy in exchange for two discs. I am still amazed that I finally found a copy after almost ten years.

My copy was autographed by Steven Patrick at the 2005 Up From the Ashes show where Steven performed with a reunited Holy Soldier, along with Once Dead, Ultimatum, Neon Cross, Tykkus and several others.

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