Steven Tyler

Human Hell Steven Tyler - We're All Somebody from Somewhere (Dot) 2016

1.  My Own Worst Enemy (5:11)
2.  We're All Somebody from Somewhere (2:57)
3.  Hold On (Won't Let Go) (2:53)
4.  It Ain't Easy (4:05)
5.  Love Is Your Name (3:30)
6.  I Make My Own Sunshine (3:01)
7.  Gypsy Girl (4:29)
8.  Somebody New (4:11)
9.  Only Heaven (3:24)
10. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & Me (3:28)
11. Red, White & You (3:02)
12. Sweet Louisiana (3:02)
13. What Am I Doin' Right? (3:25)
14. Janie's Got a Gun (3:29)
15. Piece of My Heart (4:22)

I'm going to preface this "review" with a mention of that fact that I am a longtime Aerosmith fanatic! I love nearly everything the band has done and Steven Tyler is one of those guys I have always admired, for his showmanship and his unique vocal talents. Despite this fact I was none too keen on hearing his new "country" solo album. However, but being the fanatic I am I knew I'd at least give it a shot in hopes for something enjoyable. I read a number of reviews on Steven Tyler's first ever solo record before taking the plunge and buying the album. I had heard the radio single several months before this album was released that I thought was fairly wretched. It sounded like American Idol pop or what is passing as modern country music these days. Most of the reviews had a similar sentiment, "an album that attempts to appeal  to everyone in the hopes it will appeal to somebody from somewhere."

In general this is not a rock record. It don't even consider it a country record. It's an album chock full of ballads with the Aerosmith song "What It Takes" being a good touchstone on what to expect, for the most part. We do get hints of Tyler lecherous Aerosmith connection with songs like the title track, the power-ballad "Only Heaven" and even a new take of Aerosmith's own "Janie's Got A Gun". However, if you are looking for Aerosmith you won't really find it here. Instead we get some more of the same cheesy trite that Nashville has been cranking out for years. Songs like "Somebody New," "Red, White and You" and "Sweet Louisiana" attempt at an organic, down-home sound but end up being just cheesy modern slop (pop). Some songs are worst than others.  A cover of "Piece of My Heart" is absolutely fantastic, Tyler's rasp fitting the bill perfectly. I also enjoyed the first couple tracks, which gave me false hope for the rest of the album. "My Own Worst Enemy" is a fun song. As well Steven gives a fantastic performance on the harmonica during the blues-drenched, Jeff Beck-ish “Hold On (Don’t Let Go).” This song reminds me of the vastly underrated "Honkin' On Bobo" album from Aerosmith. However, as previously stated these moments are few and far between. I'm sure some people will love this album. As for this Aerosmith/Steven Tyler fanatic, I keep hoping that he will get back to his rock and roll roots and give a a solid, hard-rocking album without all the trite Nashville pop.

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