Steve Yost

Behold Steve Yost - Behold (independent) 2010

The Hope
1. The Answer (3:00)
2. Walking in the Light (3:55)
3. We Can Do (6:45)
4. Behold the Lamb (3:45)
5. We are His (4:21)
6. Change My Life (4:15)
7. Do You Believe? (3:42)
8. Eastern Skies (6:12)
9. Petrafied (6:58)
10. Take My Life (3:07)
11. Roll My Blues Away (3:15)
12. Seek Out (2:35)
13. The Price is Right (2:18)
14. The Olympian (9:23)
15. Two Roads [instrumental] (3:07)
16. Moonlit Waters [instrumental] (2:32)
17. Feel the Breeze (3:32)

The Prophecy
1. Prelude to the intro
2. Intro- "Behold/the Prophecy" [spoken] (17:43)
3. Create in Me (2:16)
4. The End Time Prophecy (20:25)
5. The Race is Almost Over (8:50)
6. A Picture and a Tear (5:10)
7. Miss You (3:10)
8. What Makes a Dad (2:34)
9. More Beautiful (2:30)
10. My Earthly Father (6:40)
11. Behold (the finale) (4:22)

"Behold" is the debut CD from guitarist/songwriter Steve Yost. This double CD set entitled 'Behold' is something that fans of old school Jesus rock will truly appreciate. Steve tends to lean close to his inspirations, guys like Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, early Petra and even Phil Keaggy's Glass Harp. The album is broken up into two CDs. Disc one is the more straight forward rock and roll album, though the songs themselves are an eclectic mix of classic rock. There are several instrumentals, which actually made me long to hear more. I'm a sucker for good instrumental rock that rely as much of solid song structures as they do on tearing up a fret board. Steve offers up some proficient, gritty guitar playing throughout. Other songs like "The Answer" are more straight forward rockers. "Walking in the Light" really reminded me of Mylon Lefevre. I actually checked the liner notes to see if perhaps this was cover song, it was not. "Behold the Lamb" has a bit of a Montrose edge, with a particular nod to "I've Got the Fire". Steve even gives listeners a slight funk edge in "Seek Out". The nine minute, epic "The Olympian" is another standout cut on disc one. Of course one of Steve's main objectives is sharing his faith in Jesus Christ. This is done through a simple, straight forward Biblical message.

Disc two entitled "The Prophecy" contains more prophetic music as well as a spoken piece, also entitled "The Prophecy". Once again, the objective for this disc is sharing the Gospel message to those who may not be believers, as well as encouraging fellow believers. As with the first disc, the 70's influences abound. However, whereas disc one was more straight forward rock and roll, disc two I would describe as art rock. The biggest surprise for me was the David Gilmore-inspired guitar introduction. If Steve isn't a Pink Floyd fan, I would be surprised. Mixed into the song are preaching excepts. Part of being an artist is allowing people to see into your heart, and I think that is what Steve does, especially with disc two of "Behold". However, I must admit, while I enjoyed disc two, I found myself revisiting disc one more often. It reminded me of those innocent, classic days of Jesus rock from the 70's. Very few Christian bands play this style of music any more. This is not heavy metal, but fans of Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Glass Harp, Sweet Comfort Band, etc. will enjoy Steve Yost as well.

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