Stormwitch - Walpurgis Night/Tales of Terror (Carfax Abbey) 1984/1985

Walpurgis Night
1. Cave Of Steenfoll (4:15)
2. Priest Of Evil (4:28)
3. Skull And Crossbones (5:36)
4. Werewolves On The Hunt (4:31)
5. Walpurgis Night (2:57)
6. Flour On The Wind (4:40)
7. Warlord (4:21)
8. Excalibur (3:41)
9. Thunderland (4:22)
Tales of Terror
10. Point Of No Return (5:03)
11. Hell's Still Alive (4:28)
12. Masque Of The Red Death (4:55)
13. Arabian Nights (4:58)
14. Sword Of Sagon (5:27)
15. Trust In The Fire (3:53)
16. Night Stalker (3:42)
17. Lost Legions (3:43)
18. When The Bat Bites (4:04)

Stormwitch are a German heavy metal band, often labeled 'power metal', whose sound is inspired by Priest, Maiden and fellow Teutonic metal legends Accept. They are also one of those bands that are underground cult favorites and probably one of the more underrated German bands from this era. Galloping riffs, twin leads, young and aggressive vocals. It's basically everything a heavy metal fan could possibly want. They were actually fairly cutting edge for the time and they became a big influence on bands like Hammerfall. You can actually here that influence in their music.

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