An Axe To Grind Strangeland (demo) 2005

1. "The Enemy" (4:39)
2. "Jesus Walk" (4:33)
3. "Savior" (3:55)

Got to see these guys at Cornerstone '06. What they lack in image and stage presence, they make up for in musicianship. The band was tight and they pulled off some great covers, including a cover of Hammerfall and Stryper. Actually, I would describe this band's sound as being influenced by both bands. They are most definitely a throwback to the days of 80's classic Christian metal and have a bit of influence from the European power metal scene as well. The guitar solos are outstanding, the riffs are solid, the rhythm section is tight and the overall production is good. Those looking for something more modern or progressive need to look elsewhere. The only constructive criticism I would give this demo is that the lyrics come off as sounding a bit too "Sunday School". The band is not ashamed of who they are in Christ, and this is to be commended. However, lines like "...and do the Jesus walk, I gotta do the Jesus walk, it's time for more than just the talk, I gotta do the Jesus walk" come off as a bit cheesy, rather than being thought provoking or even fun. This is really my only point of contention with the band. There is nothing wrong with expressing your faith in your music, but there are ways to do that without sounding as if your lyrics were lifted from a Sunday School song. I don't think this CD really represents where Strangeland are at right now. If their next CD is going to sound anything like they did live, it will rule and they will be a force to be reckoned with.

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