Suicide Watch is a thrash metal from Truro, Cornwall, England.

Al Hail the Power Suicide Watch - The Culling of Humanity (Slaney) 2010

1. Figurehead of Pain (3:16)
2. The Devil Rides Out (2:59)
3. Death Becomes Us (1:58)
4. By the Time You Read This....I Will be Dead (2:48)
5. Night. Winter. Death.  (4:52)
6. The Culling of Humanity (2:36)
7. The Culling of Humanity (Armageddon Mix) (3:14)

Suicide Watch are an British thrash metal band whose beginnings date back to 2003. "The Culling of Humanity" is actually the band's third release, though it is only an EP. This band is yet another in what seems like an endless stream of band's recalling the glory days of thrash metal which has been labeled the New Wave of Thrash Metal. However, Suicide Watch are not a total clone of some 80's Bay Area thrash band. There's a slight hardcore/punk edge to their music and a more modern edge that I can't quite put into words. Cross Slayer with early D.R.I and a bit of English bands like Motorhead and Re-Animator (obscure reference, I know.) and you get an idea of Suicide Watch's sound. Even the vocals have this mix. Vocalist Richard "Rid" White has a sort of punk yell but with a gravely Tom Araya delivery. For the most part, the songs here are politically charged (they are not very fond of conservatives) and driven by heavy machine gun riffing and quick downbeats. This is the type of stuff that will get you speeding tickets if you play it while driving. It just has that aggression and drive that makes you want to push the speed! All six tracks here have that same aggression yet the band doesn't totally forsake memorable songwriting. (Something that may New Wave of Thrash Metal band forget in their thrash-for-thrash-sake quest.) Apparently most of the songs on this EP had been released in various forms elsewhere. Regardless, the collection sounds solid from tracks one through six. Unfortunately the EP is marred by a horrid industrial remix tacked onto the end of it.

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