Midnight Steel Sweet F.A. - Stick To Your Guns (MCA) 1990

1.      Prince of the City (4:33)     
2.      Nothin' for Nothin' (3:52)     
3.      Rhythm of Action (3:40)    
4.      Do a Little Drivin'(3:07)    
5.      Daily Grind (4:52)
6.      Stick to Your Guns (4:15)     
7.      Whiskey River (3:16)     
8.      I Love Women (3:00)
9.      Breakin' the Law (3:!4)   
10.      Heart of Gold (4:40)     
11.      Devil's Road (3:11)     
12.      Southern Comfort (3:34)

Sweet F.A. were a party-hearty pop-metal band from Indiana whose debut album landed just shy of the "hair metal" boom of the 80's. Their sound is much heavier than the typical Warrant or Poison type bands. Rather they have more in common with bands like Fear Not, Skid Row, and especially Dangerous Toys, etc. I've read reviews that say they have a Southern Rock sound. Frankly, I am not really hearing that. They sort of have an earthy warmth to their sound that is a little different than most of the L.A. bands. "Stick To Your Guns" is chock full of "BIG" sounds; big guitars, big pounding drums and big driving bass guitar all held together by the leather lungs of Steven David DeLeong. Songs like "Southern Comfort" and "Whiskey River" could easily have been an MTV hit during the heyday of former music television network. Both songs sport the same tough-as-nails hard rock sound with undeniable hooks. "Nothin' for Nothin" is driven by a heavy riff and Steven's gnarly, sleazy vocal delivery. "Breakin' The Law" has a bit of a shimmer and shake not unlike Guns 'n' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle". Overall an enjoyable album from a band that got lost in the influx of bands to come out in the mid-to-late 80's.

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