Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett

Roger "Syd" Barrett was the founder and original singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist of Pink Floyd. Barrett was responsible for most of their 1967's "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn." He was fired from the band in early 1968 after his bizarre and erratic behavior made him too difficult to work with, although some of his work did appear on the second Floyd album. Rumor was that he actually had to be put in a mental hospital. He also wrote the Pink Floyd classic "Astronomy Domain," which has been covered by Voivod. After disappearing for a time, Barrett reemerged in 1970 with a pair of psychedelic/prog-rock albums, "The Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett."

The Madcap Laughs Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs (Capitol)

1.   "Terrapin" (5:02)
2.   "No Good Trying" (3:23)
3.   "Love You" (2:27)
4.   "No Man's Land" (2:59)
5.   "Dark Globe" (1:58)
6.   "Here I Go" (3:08)
7.   "Octopus" (3:44)
8.   "Golden Hair" (2:45)
9.   "Long Gone" (2:45)
10. "She Took a Long Cold Look" (1:48)
11. "Feel" (2:10)
12. "If It's in You" (2:27)
13. "Late Night" (3:12)

Bears some similarities to the songs found on "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" era Pink Floyd but to be quite honest, Syd is just weird. Psychedelic and trippy. Produced by Roger Waters and David Gilmour in 1970.

Found this one for $1. I'll give any cd a try for $1, especially if it's connected to Pink Floyd in some way.

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