Nugent Free For All
Ted Nugent


Nugent '95 Pick
Spirit of the Wild Tour Guitar Pick '95

Spirit of the Wild Tour Guitar Pick '95

Ted Guitar Pick '02

Craveman Tour
Guitar Pick
Craveman Tour Guitar Pick '03. This one was given to my son personally by Ted when we met him at a book signing in Albuquerque.

Damn Yankees bassist Jack Blades

Ted's Damn Yankees Pick

Ted's Damn Yankees Pick

1990 Damn Yankees Tour

Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild pick

Barry Sparks '05 pick. Caught this one from the front row of Nuge's show at the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque.

Stage used Barry Sparks pick.

Greg Smith bass pick, 2008. Caught this one at a show in Beaver Dam, WI.

Love Grenade Tour '07. Tried to catch these when I saw Ted in NM but didn't. The very next year I had backstage passes to see Ted in WI and Ted handed me a few of these.

Love Grenade Tour '07.

Rolling Thunder Tour 2008. Given to me by Ted Nugent.

Staged used pick from the Rolling Thunder Tour 2008.

Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead Tour 2010





Ted Nugent 1976 Tour Book
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent 1977-1978 Tour Book

Ted Nugent TNT '78 Tour Book
Frenzoid Tour
Ted Nugent
European "Frenzoid
Tour" 1980 Book
This particular tour book unfolds into a giant Ted Nugent poster.

Ted Nugent 1982 Tour Book

I own most of Ted's albums on vinyl, click to view the vinyl collection.

God's Guns & Rock 'n Roll
by Ted Nugent
(autographed by Ted Nugent)

Married to a Rock Star
by Shemane Nugent
(autographed by Ted & Shemane Nugent)


Ted Nugent autographed set list

This particular set list was handed to me by Ted before his set in Beaver Dam, WI, '08



Autographed sheet music from 1968

A couple of Amboy Dukes flyers from the early 70's.

Circus 1978
1978 Circus Magazine

Circus '78
1978 Circus Magazine

1979 Rolling Stone Magazine autographed by Ted.

1979 Grooves Magazine

Kerrang 1982
1982 Kerrang! Magazine.

1982 Hit Parader Magazine.

Autographed Bad Company/Damn Yankees concert flyer

Autographed "Spirit of the Wild" 12" album flat

11x17 Craveman promo poster, signed by Ted.

2006 Tour Poster (signed by Ted, "Wild" Mick Brown & Barry Sparks)

Ted Nugent 2006 bass drum head
2006 Bass Drum Headr (signed by Ted, "Wild" Mick Brown & Barry Sparks)

Drumhead autographed by Ted's '08 touring band.
This one was given to me by Toby Nugent.

Pair of drum sticks autographed by longtime Ted Nugent
drummer/producer Cliff Davies. Autographed shorty
before his passing in 2007.

(Thanks Morgan!)

Ted Nugent promotional stickers

101WRIF Nugent Bumper Sticker

Nugent Love Grenade promo sticker

Spirit of the Wild window sticker

Ted Nugent Die-Cast Metal
Safari Truck
(Click to view larger image)
Ted Nugent's Bronco

Ted Nugent CD Collection

Ted Nugent DVD

Ted Nugent Vinyl

Amboy Dukes Collection

Damn Yankees Collection

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