The Lead

1980's punk band led by vocalist Nina Llopis and guitarist/vocalist Julio Rey, who went on to form Frank's Enemy.

Burn this Record The Lead - Burn This Record (R.E.X.) 1989

1. "Change the World" (3:52)
2. "Boring World" (1:41)
3. "Suicide is a Lie " (4:10)
4. "Internal Lie" (5:36)
5. "Hope You Stay Alive" (1:50)
6. "Oh No, Not Again" (3:54)
7. "To The Ends of the Earth" (3:46)
8. "Losers" (3:12)
9. "Whose the Victim" (3:31)
10. ""I Can't Find It In My Heart" (2:23)
11. "Skate or Die" (4:05)
12. "Kill Satan Mosh" (3:41)
13. "The Empty Sepulchre" (4:16)
14. "Defiance" (4:00)
15. "Wink of An Eye" (:30)

For some reason 80's punk and hardcore had much more integrity than the geek-core crap they call hardcore in the 90's. First of all, it wasn't a trend. Secondly, it wasn't out for big commercial appeal. The Lead were especially odd in that they took the NYHC approach but decided they would express positive Christian beliefs. This was long before the whole "vegetarian straight-edge movement" or the current Tooth & Nail factory outlet bands. The Lead are just plain cool. The music is ultra fast, the female vocals of Nina Llopis are very smooth, yet aggressive. Julio's vocals are a bit more typical of the few bands that were doing this style, sort of a rough punk shout. A few of these songs could probably considered "crossover" into the thrash metal mode (ie. "Defiance"). This disc has been out of print for years. I bought it as a new release in 1989.

On cassette tape:
The Lead - Automoloch
(Verical Take Off)
The Lead - The Past Behind (R.E.X.)

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