Heartwork Them - Fear Them (Empire) 2016

1.     Forever Burns (5:07)
2.     Dead of Night (6:25)
3.     Blood from Blood (4:56)

There have been an influx of bands who are heavily inspired by King Diamond and Mercyful Fate over the years. Them are one such band. The band features vocalist Troy Norr who may be known to fans of underground thrash metal for his work with ColdSteel. Musically, this three song EP is exactly what you might hope for from a band whose roots are in the legendary album "Them". The songs are dark, haunting and heavy but not forsaking melody and hooks. "Forever Burns" is a speed metal song with killer guitar work and a mix of those haunting, layered falsetto vocals and Troy's killer mid-range singing. Though the lyric approach is more in-line with the King Diamond albums, the music is more reminiscent of classic Mercyful Fate. "Dead of the Night" slows things down quit a bit and continues the ghostly tales. The chorus on this song will get stuck in your head for hours once the CD is done spinning. "In the dead of night she can see..." The EP ends with another up-beat, bombastic heavy metal number. This EP is suppose to be only a taste of what is to come from this former King Diamond tribute band. Here is hoping that full length album follows.

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