Tierra Santa

Tiera Santa Tierra Santa - Tierras de Leyenda (Locomotive) 2000

1. "La Tormenta" (1:09)
2. "Tierrs de Leyenda" (4:02)
3. "Sodoma y Gomorra" (3:28)
4. "La Cancion del Pirata 1" (3:48)
5. "La Cancion del Pirata 2" (3:11)
6. "El Secreto de Faraaon" (2:30)
7. "La Momia" (5:25)
8. "La Torre de Babel" (6:38)
9. "Una Juventud Perdida" (6:38)
10. "La Caja de Pandora" (5:48)
11. "El Caballo de Troya" (3:31)

This is a very well packaged digi-pak of a band whose lyrics are all in Spanish (?). The music is phenomenal speed metal with loads of progressive elements and lots of melody mixed in with the heavy metal madness. The production is stellar as well. The lyrics, on the other hand, are a mystery to me as I do not speak Spanish. Wish I knew more, but I can't even read the stinking song titles. (Well I can pick out a few of the words) I suppose I should take high school Spanish all over again, 'cause obviously I have forgotten it all.

The name of the band in english: HOLY LAND
the title of the of the album: LANDS OF LEGEND
the titles of the songs are:

1. The Storm
2. Lands of Legend
3. Sodom and Gomorre
4. The Pirate's Song 1.
5. The Pirate's Song 2.
6. The Secret of The Pharao
7. The Mummy
8. Babel's Tower
9. Lost Youth
10. Pandora's Box
11. The Horse of Troy

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