Training for Utopia
Training for Utopia sound like a mixture of Slayer, Neurosis, and a giant chainsaw. No doubt, these guys are one of the most intense bands I have ever heard. If I
had to put a label on their music it would be - controlled chaos!

Falling Cycle Training for Utopia - Falling Cycle (Tooth & Nail)

1.   "Falling Cycle" (3:11)
2.   "Dead Signal" (3:44)
3.   "Pretty Picture Of Lies" (2:03)
4.   "Thoughtless Reminders" (2:18)

This short EP is just a window into what soon will be; one of the most intense chaotic neo-metal albums to ever be released. This is the band that makes Slayer look wimpy.

Training for Utopia-Plastic Soul Impalement (Tooth & Nail)

1.   "Plastic Soul Impalement" (3:26)
2.   "Good Feeling" (3:07)
3.   "Brother Hezakiah" (3:07)
4.   "Two Hands" (3:42)
5.   "Pretty Picture Of Lies" (3:15)
6.   "Black Forest" (3:14)
7.   "One Zero One" (3:32)
8.   "Burning Match In Hand" (4:51)
9.   "Human Shield" (2:58)
10.  "Single Handed Attempt At Revolution" (5:50)
11.  "Gift To A Dying Friend" (2:06)
12. untitled hidden track (2:27)

This is pure chaos! There is no better description for Training for Utopia than utter chaos. The only band I can think to compare them to are the Delinger Escape Plan or perhaps Neurosis. Despite being on Tooth & Nail's side label Solid State, I do not think that Training for Utopia are a "Christian band," in that their lyrics are not of the typical "turn or burn" variety. At 22:10 in the last track, there is a hidden track that is untitled.

split cd w/ Zao Training for Utopia/Zao (Solid State)

1.   "Modus Operandi" -Training for Utopia (4:32)
2.   "Skin Like Winter" -Zao (2:26)
3.   "Police John, Police Red" -Training for Utopia (7:44)
4.   "Walk On By, Walk On Me (The Pianist's Prophecy)" -Zao (3:02)

Well, if this were a competition I'd give Training for Utopia the trophy for the most intense band. However both bands are pretty intense. The two bands combines make for one violent sounding EP.

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