Electric Warrior T.Rex - Electric Warrior (Reprise/Rhino) 1971/2003

1. "Mambo Sun " (3:40)
2. "Cosmic Dancer " (4:30)
3. "Jeepster " (4:12)
4. "Monolith " (3:49)
5. "Lea Woman Blues " (3:04)
6. "Bang A Gong (Get It On) " (4:27)
7. "Planet Queen " (3:13)
8. "Girl " (2:32)
9. "The Motivator " (4:00)
10. "Life's A Gas " (2:24)
11. "Rip Off " (3:46)
12. "There Was A Time " (1:00)
13. "Raw Ramp " (4:16)
14. "Planet Queen (Acoustic Version) " (3:00)
15. "Hot Love " (4:59)
16. "Woodland Rock " (2:24)
17. "King Of The Mountain Cometh " (3:57)
18. "The T. Rex Electric Warrior Interview " (19:35)

"Electric Warrior" is without a doubt the most well know album in the T.Rex catalog. It is one of the most influential albums to come out of the early 70's. Even the legendary cover art has been duplicated and mimicked by other artists. "Electric Warrior" mixed together the elements of Marc Bolan's acoustic material with his heavy, hard rock. Together with drummer Bill Legend, bassist Steve Currie and producer/arranger Tony Visconti, "Electric Warrior" became a soundtrack to youth in 1971. This was all lead by the successful singled "Bang a Gong (Get It on)", as well as other classics such as "Jeepster", "Cosmic Dancer" and "Mambo Sun". This album has seen re-release several times on CD, but the 2003 Rhino version finally got it right. Not only did Rhino give us excellently remastered versions of the eleven songs from the original album, but they gave fans a number of extras including all of the non-album UK/US singles and b-sides that were released in 1971 and a previously unissued acoustic version of "Planet Queen" and a nearly 20-minute interview with Marc Bolan. The packaging is excellent as well with a simulated record cover that maintains the look of the original vinyl release. The booklet contains the lyrics of all songs, including the bonus tracks and biographies. As an extra, a 9 x 14 poster is also included. The CD even has the original Reprise logo on the CD, as it was on the original vinyl.

The Slider T.Rex - The Slider (Rhino) 1972

The Slider
1. "Metal Guru" (2:29)
2. "Mystic Lady" (3:14)
3. "Rock On" (3:26)
4. "Slider" (3:22)
5. "Baby Boomerang" (2:16)
6. "Spaceball Ricohet" (3:36)
7. "Buick Mackane" (3:34)
8. "Telegram Sam" (3:45)
9. "Rabbit Fighter" (3:55)
10. "Baby Strange" (3:06)
11. "Ballrooms of Mars" (4:07)
12. "Chariot Choogle" (2:45)
13. "Main Man" (4:20)
14. "Cadilac" (3:53)
15. "Thunderwig" (3:46)
16. "Lady" (2:21)

Rabbit Fighter (The Alternative Slider)
1. "Metal Guru" (2:32)
2. "Mystic Lady" (3:22)
3. "Rock On" (3:37)
4. "Slider" (3:28)
5. "Thunderwing" (2:58)
6. "Spaceball Ricohet" (3:43)
7. "Buick Mackane" (3:49)
8. "Telegram Sam" (2:30)
9. "Rabbit Fighter" (4:02)
10. "Baby Strange" (3:00)
11. "Ballrooms of Mars" (4:13)
12. "Cadilac" (3:31)
13. "Main Man" (6:06)
14. "Lady" (2:01)
15. "Sunken Rags" (3:59)

Pure nostalgia trip here. T.Rex was one of the kingpin bands of the 1970's glam-rock movement and "The Slider" was the band's finest moment, although some may argue that honor goes to "Electric Warrior". Regardless "The Slider" is a superb, guitar driven album with tons of infectious, simple grooves, trippy vocals, and more hooks that a tackle box on fishing boat.T.Rex were a 70's phenomenon, however there is also a heavy 1960's, hippy trip going on here as well. There were two UK hits on this record including "Metal Guru" and the bluesy "Telegram Sam" although neither are quite as well known as Bolan's seminal hit "Bang A Gong". Probably one of my favorite tracks is the acoustc "Spaceball Ricochet". The remastered CD version contains a bonus disc of alternative takes of each track on the album, which are usually demos or acoustic sessions.

Light of Love T.Rex - Light Of Love (Chronicles) 1974

1 "Light of Love" (3:16)
2 "Till Dawn" (2:37)
3 "Girl in the Thunderbolt Suit" (2:51)
4 "Precious Star" (3:39)
5 "Space Boss" (2:47)
6 "Venus Loon" (3:21)
7 "Solid Baby" (3:01)
8 "Token of My Love" (4:58)
9 "Explosive Mouth" (2:19)
10 "Think Zinc" (2:25)
11 "Teenage Dream" (3:02)

T.Rex were a critics delight. They loved to slam 'ol Marc Bolan and Co. "Light of Love" to this day is slammed by critics, and even some fans. The thing is, it's not a bad album whatsoever. T.Rex had recently been dropped by their American major label and had signed with Casablanca who were beginning to see glimmers of success in bands like Kiss, Donna Summer and Parlament. "Light of Love" was the band's premier on Casablana and took three tracks from his last album, "Zinc Alloy", and eight that would show up on Bolan's "Zip Gun". Commercially "Light of Love" was a major disaster and a disappointment. However, US fans who like the band for more than just "Bang A Gong" were in their bedrooms, cranking their turntables up to eleven and ignoring the critics. "Think Zinc" alone is worth the price of admission. OK, I admit, this is probably not Bolan's finest moment, but it's still chock full of 70's guitar riffs. This 1997 reissue is remastered and contains a nice booklet with a short biography.

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