Bootlicker Tribe of Gypsies (Victor/Japan) 1997

  1. "En Mi Barrio" (3:03)
  2. "In The Middle" (4:52)
  3. "Death Song" (5:46)
  4. "Guajira" (4:40)
  5. "Walking On Water" (5:17)
  6. "Mero Mero Mambo" (2:45)
  7. "Party " (4:13)
  8. "Firedance" (5:31)
  9. "Thinking Of You" (6:18)
  10. "We All Bleed Red" (7:07)
  11. "Crazy Love" (4:25)
  12. "I'm So Close" (5:51)
  13. "Conjuring Of The Soul" (1:49)

Hmmm, not as fond of this one as I am 'Revolucion 13 ' or 'Tribe of Gypsies III' most likely because Gregory Analla was not yet on board. However, the music is very similar to those albums to come. Picture Carlos Santana 20 years younger and you get an idea of what to expect here. Rock 'n' roll to a latin beat.

Revolucion 14 Tribe of Gypsies - Revolucion 13 (Victor/Japan) 1998

  1. "Aztlan" (2:15)
  2. "What's Up?" (4:20)
  3. "Summer Rain" (6:02)
  4. "Revolucion 13" (8:38)
  5. "Landslide" (5:39)
  6. "Spanish Blue" (7:01)
  7. "Collapse" (4:54)
  8. "Mother's Cry" (8:05)
  9. "Aztlan" (3:50)
  10. "Pancho Villa Part 1" (4:19)
  11. "Freedom" -instrumental (7:51)

Despite the fact that this is the band's second album, and their first with Gregory Analla, I actually had heard this one after hearing their third full length cd, so I had an idea of what to expect. Always the hopeful, however, I had hoped to hear some of those melodic metal hooks that Greg so excelled at in Seventhsign. Once again, in this aspect I was disappointed. A metal album this is not. However, as I stated in the Tribe of Gypsies III review, there is an undeniable quality to the music contained herein. Once again, the tribe is all about tribal rhythms and music that can only be described as Santana on steroids. Certainly for the average metal fan, this will be mood music, as it is for me. However, in the right setting this cd rules.

Tribe of Gypsies - Tribe of Gypsies III (Sanctuary) 1999

  1. "The Flower" (4:18)
  2. "Rays Of The Sun" (4:27)
  3. "Admit It" (3:42)
  4. "It Don't Bother Me" (3:53)
  5. "Puro Party" (4:33)
  6. "What Cha Want" (3:47)
  7. "Angel" (4:03)
  8. "Up" (4:09)
  9. "Better Days" (4:35)
  10. "Dreams" (4:30)
  11. "Puro Party (Reprise)" (2:47)

My interest in this band stemmed from the fact that the band was made up of Gregg Analla, former vocalist of Seventhsign, and Roy Z, who has recorded with, written with, and produced for such artists as Halford, Bruce Dickinson, and Rob Rock. With such a list of names behind these two musicians and the fact that Roy has written such heavy tunes within those bands, I was expecting a heavy metal shred fest. Instead, what I got was something more akin to Jimi Hendrix, Santana, or even Thin Lizzy on a carribean vacation. Tribe of Gypsies play a mix of rock and South American-style Latin music. What I did expect and actually get was a quality release. The soulful vocals of Gregg Analla marry perfectly with Roy Z's hot salsa guitar licks. Album opener "The Flower" has a very distinct Santana-like sound and was co-write with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson. From there the music really doesn't get any heavier, but rather just creates a mood. So, while I must say I was disappointed not to hear smoking guitar leads and sceaming vocals, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this disc so much. Just goes to prove, good music is good music.

Tribe of Gypsies also recorded a song on the Thin Lizzy Tribute-The Spirit of the Back Rose.

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