Cold Fate Trooper - Two For the Show (MCA) 1976

1. Two for the Show (4:27)
2. Gypsy Wheeler (3:31)
3. Santa Maria (2:56)
4. Loretta (3:21)
5. The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car (3:00)
6. Ready (3:27)
7. Whatcha Gonna Do About Me (3:28)
8. I Miss You Already (4:48)
9. What's Gonna Happen Now (5:26)

Somehow despite being a big fan of 1970's hard rock and heavy metal, there were several prominent Canadian bands I missed from that era such as Moxy, Goddo and Trooper. However, upon discovering these bands I found a wealth of fantastic new music from that era to listen to. "Two for the Show" is the second album from Canuck rockers Trooper. The album was produced by Randy Bachman or Bachman-Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who fame. The album is filled with a mix of hooky hard rockers and more acoustic, almost progressive moments, such as the opening title track and the lighthearted "Loretta". Rockers like "Gypsy Wheeler" and "Santa Maria" have big hooks and are guitar driven not unlike SweetStarz or Bachman-Turner Overdrive. "Whatcha Gonna Do About Me" even has a bit of a Skynyrd/Southern Rock vibe complete with a piano, harp and guitar solo. In fact, the album is packed with infectious hooks and gripping choruses. Vocalist Ramon Maguire has a smooth, clean and energetic singing style with just a slight bit of grit that works well in songs like "I Miss You Already" and "The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car". "Two for the Show" is superb album from Trooper. It's not ultra heavy, and could barely be considered hard rock, no less heavy metal. However, it is a solid rock album packed with more hooks than a pirate convention. 

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