Celestial Messenger Trytan-Celestial Messenger (Fox)

1. "Gettin' Ready" (3:47)
2. "Don't Turn Away" (4:10)
3. "Mr. Electric" (5:16)
4. "It's War" (5:22)
5. "Rip Van Winkle" (4:24)
6. "Chains" (4:47)
7. "Nowhere to Hide" (4:58)
8. "Genesis" (7:08)

When this disc came out everybody said they sounded like Rush. While there is some similarities in the vocals, the music is no where near the progressive rock of Rush. Trytan are much more rooted in 80's heavy metal, although I wouldn't doubt that Rush are a big influence on their sound. The production on this album is a little weak, but not unlistenable.

Sylentiger Trytan-Sylentiger (Fox)

1. "Take Cover" (5:51)
2. "Deadly Masquerade" (4:43)
3. "Beyond the Night" (6:45)
4. "Star Bound" (5:24)
5. "Make Your Move" (5:27)
6. "Sylentiger" (4:32)
7. "Here to Stay" (6:47)
8. "Playing With Fire" (6:40)
9. "Life Goes On" (4:31)
10. "Waking the Giant" (4:03)
11. "By My Spirit" (3:33)

This disc was originally released on R.E.X., so I am not sure if this is a bootleg or not. Like "Celestial Messenger" my copy was printed in Germany. Musically "Sylentiger" is sonically superior to the band's debut but sticks closely to the Trytan formula. The Rush comparisons can still be made, but again, mostly because of the similarities in vocals, not necessarily the music which is much more rooted in 1980's heavy metal. Both these discs were worth some money for a while but M8 Records recently re-issued both of these discs in limited quantities but with far superior mastering.

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