Tsavo Inc.

Mind Over Metal Tsavo Inc. - When The Lions Are Hungry (Metal for a Dark World) 2012

1.   Welcoome To Tsavo [instrumental] (1:51)
2.   Tsavo (4:02)
3.   When The Lions Are Hungry (4:36)
4.   Unborn (4:36)
5.   Reborn (4:33)
6.   Humanity    (4:12)
7.   Take Me Out Of This Prison (1:27)
8.   The Solution (3:47)
9.   Immunodeficiency   (4:09)
10. Savana [instrumental] (3:02)
BONUS TRACKS  [2003 Thrash Metal Attack demo]
11. Tsavo [demo] (4:03)
12. Unborn [demo] (4:05)
13. Humanity [demo] (3:42)

Tsavo Inc. are a Brazilian thrash band who were originally formed in 1995. The band was the brainchild of guitarist Rinaldo Marcedo. The original Tsavo split in 2003, at which time Rinaldo became a member of Brazilian thrash metal unit Arnion, who released the full-length album "Fall Like Rain". Unfortunately Arnion disbanded in 2008. With the demise of another band, Rinaldo resurrected the Tsavo Inc. name with new members, including singer Cleiton Magno, of the band Disaffection. Together the reformed Tsavo recorded their full-length debut "When the Lions Are Hungry".

Though it might sound trite to say, Tsavo's sound falls somewhere between the straight-forward Bay Area-style thrash of Disaffection and the modern neo-thrash metal of Arnion. The songs never fall into the trap of all sounding the same. Many thrash bands are all about speed, or thrash-for-thrash sake. Tsavo Inc. incorporates plenty of traditional thrash metal riffing, speedy guitar licks and gang vocals but also add progressive songwriting, occasional tribal beats, memorable hooks and some modern metal influences. If Disaffection were influenced primarily by the 1980's American thrash metal scene, Tsavo Inc. expands that with influences from the Teutonic thrash metal bands and even fellow Brazilian band Sepultura.

"When The Lions Are Hungry" opens with a short, atmospheric, guitar instrumental that acts as an introduction to the band's eponymous titled song. This song is pure speed, with aggressive and crunchy metal riffs, throaty thrash yells, and guitar solos backed by a chugging bass. The follow-up, "When The Lions Are Hungry," is fueled by the same energy as the previous track, but slows things down to a stomping groove. Though the songs are aggressive, they don't completely forsake melody. "Take Me Out of this Prison" is a short prayer set atop a heavy riff. Other standout cuts are "Unborn", which is pure old-school thrash metal and "Humanity" which features some nice double-bass drumming, some distorted, electronic vocals, and some blood-curdling screams. The album ends with another atmospheric guitar instrumental. The CD release also includes bonus tracks from the band 2003 demo.

Though the album could use better mastering, as some of the high-ends are a bit harsh, the overall recording is very well done. Despite this minor complaint, "When the Lions Are Hungry" is a nice slice of thrash metal and a cut above many in the ever growing New Wave of Thrash Metal scene.

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