Tykkus 2005

Classic heavy metal from Phoeniz, AZ, USA.

Umlaut Tykküs - Ümlaut (independent) 2005

1. "Born to Die" (4:31)
2. "Convince You" (4:27)
3. "Warfare" (6:25)
4. "With His Love" (3:44)
5. "Born to Die" [demo/bonus track]

Tykküs are pure heavy metal in the tradition of bands like Leatherwolf, Saint, Sword, and even a bit of early Dokken. Musically the band combines heavy 1980's style guitar riffs, with melodic guitar solos, some dual leads, thumpin' bass and Randy Michaud's (Troglodyte Dawn/ex-D.T. Seizure) clean metal howl. Together they create four songs each as good as the next. All four tracks have a memorable chorus, that will have you singing along within a listen or two. Waaaarfare! Waaaarfare! The battle is done. Waaaarfare! Waaaarfare! By God's only Son. I suppose that some will find the lyrics a bit too simplistic, but those of us who remember the glory days of bands like Saint, Messiah Prophet, Whitecross and Bloodgood will appreciate the approach. Tykküs are as unashamed of being a traditional metal band as they are about their straight forward evangelistic lyrics. Man, it's so good to hear some quality, traditional heavy metal. I must have played this song CD fifteen times in the week I have owned it so far.

RAndy Michaud
Randy Michaud on stage with Tykkus,
Phoenix, AZ (December 2005)
Randy & myself
Randy Michaud & myself on stage with Tykkus, Anaheim, CA
(May 2005)

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