Theatre of Fate Soldiers of Sunrise Viper - Theatre of Fate/Soldiers of Sunrise (Rising Sun) 1987/1989

Theatre of Fate
1. "Illusions" -instrumental (1:51)
2. "At Least a Chance" (3:59)
3. "To Live Again" (3:28)
4. "A Cry From the Edge" (5:09)
5. "Living for the Night" (5:25)
6. "Prelude to Oblivion" (3:44)
7. "Threatre of Fate" (6:17)
8. "Moonlight" (4:41)
Soldiers of Sunrise
9. "Knights of Destruction" (3:11)
10. "Nightmares" (3:34)
11. "The Whipper" (3:08)
12. "Wings of the Evil" (3:52)
13. "H.R." (3:12)
14. "Soldiers of Sunrise" (6:51)
15. "Signs of the Night" (3:28)
16. "Killera (Princess of Hell)" (2:36)
17. "Law of the Sword" (4:30)

I discovered this band after purchasing a few Angra albums. Viper is the band that vocalist Andre Matos sang for before Angra. Their music is not too far removed from that of Angra. I've heard people describe Viper as symphonic metal. While their music does contain some neo-classical elements, I would just describe them as quality heavy metal. Of course it also depends on which album you listen to. "Theater of Fate" is a tad more melodic than the raw, galloping speed metal of "Soldiers". "Soldiers of Sunrise" was the bands debut album and unlike the follow-up, is hugely inspired by early Iron Maiden. Songs like "Nightmares" have a serious Iron Maiden "Killers' edge to them. Personally I really enjoy this album. However, it's the growth into the more majestic "Theater of Fate" that give the band their legacy. This double cd comes complete with each cover printed on either side of the booklet so that either can be displayed in the jewel case. The booklet itself is well laid out, with tons of photos and all the lyrics.

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