Vision Divine

Vision Divine Vision Divine (Victor/Japan) 1999

1. "New Eden" (4.03)
2. "On the Wings of the Storm" (4.40)
3. "Black Mask of Fear" (4.38)
4. "Exodus" (4.37)
5. "The Whisper" (6.03)
6. "Forgotten Worlds" (4.18)
7. "Vision Divine" (5.03)
8. "The Miracle" (6.20)
9. "Forever Young" (5.01)
10. "Of Light and Darkness" (6.12)
11. "The Final Countdown" (5.08)

Vision Divine, despite the fact that it is made up of Rhapsody and Labyrinth, sounds nothing like either of those bands. Vision Divine are much more straight forward without all the storylines, symphonic elements, drama, etc. These guys implore a neo-classical speed metal sound with loads of double bass, heavy guitar riffs, and melodic keys, that actually takes some of the otherwise heavy edge off this disc. Vocalist Fabio Lione does a fabulous job on this disc. His smooth, high vocals flow perfectly with the band's Helloween meets Yngwie Malmsteen style. Despite the fact that this band is Italian, they really sound more like the neo-classically influenced speed metal of Germany. The disc ends with a nicely performed cover of Europe's "The Final Countdown." My particular copy is Japanese and is one RCA/Victor.

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