Shocking Its Prey Volture - Shocking Its Prey (Heavy Artillery) 2011

1. Volture (3:13)
2. Heavy Metal Machine (3:40)
3. The Horde (3:49)
4. Night Walker (3:23)
5. Cheap Thrillz (3:03)
6. Heathens Revenge (4:43)

Volture are a traditional heavy metal band that features Municiple Waste bassist Ryan Waste, as well as a couple members of Ryan's former band Immortal Avenger. Also along for the ride is former Twisted Tower Dire guitarist Dave Boyd. Together these guys have created something born out of pure heavy metal worship. Their passion most likely lies within the NWOBHM movement, though I hear tinges of more modern European power metal as well. The music is raw, though well recorded. The songs feature galloping, razor-sharp guitar riffing, ear-shattering wails from vocalist Brent Hubbard, and a competent rhythm section. When I first viewed the track listing I had hoped that "Heavy Metal Machine" was a cover of the mighty Riot classic. However, it's an original composition, and not disappointing in the least. It's straight-up, fist-pumping, 80's heavy metal. Those looking for something more "original" or "technical" should look elsewhere. These are not qualities that Volture exhibit, but then that's not really the point either. Even features one of those bitchin' 80's heavy metal covers! File with similar heavy metal revivalists Enforcer, Faith Factor and White Wizzard.

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