Waysted Waysted - Vices (Zoom Club Records) 1983

1. "Love Loaded" (3:54)
2. "Women in Chains" (4:20)
3. "Sleazy" (4:13)
4. "Night of the Wolf" (5:01)
5. "Toy With the Passion" (4:03)
6. "Right From the Start" (5:34)
7. "Hot Love" (4:22)
8. "All Belongs to You" (3:33)
9. "Somebody to Love" (3:03)

A smokin' blast from the past from a band that I all but forgot about until I got on this major UFO trip a couple years ago. I started looking for some of the members side projects and this was one of the first CD I looked for. I soon realized, however, that it wasn't going to be an easy find. Fortunately a generous trader hooked me up. "Vices" is, as I said, a blast! It's pure classic, early 80's NWOBHM featuring ex-UFO guitarist Paul Raymond and bassist Pete Way. Unfortunately, this Waysted lineup lasted for only this one album, but what a glorious album they produced together! Everything is in place from Paul Raymond's vicious guitar licks, to Pete's thumpin' bass, to the screeching vocals of Fin. To be quite honest, this disc does sound a bit dated two decades later, but the nostalgic value is still there. I have been told by others that the mastering on the CD reissue isn't great and that the original vinyl version has a much warmer sound. Unfortunately having sold my vinyl version a decade ago, I can't really remember. Certainly the sound isn't bad and every instrument is heard. Favorite tracks "Love Loader", "Toy With The Passion" and "Night of the Wolf", with it's catchy chorus and fiery guitar leads. "Somebody to Love" is a cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic.

Save Your Prayers Waysted - Save Your Prayers (Hear No Evil) 1986

1.  Walls Fall Down (4:43)
2.  Black and Blue (4:23)
3.  Singing to the Night (4:55)
4.  Hell Comes Home (5:23)
5.  Heroes Die Young (5:46)
6.  Heaven Tonight (5:20)
7.  How the West Was Won (4:59)
8.  Wild Night (3:59)
9.  Out of Control (4:48)
10.  So Long (5:32)
11.  Fire Under the Wheel [b-side] (3:38)
12.  Black & Blue [7" edit] (4:02)
13.  Heaven Tonight [7" edit] (4:32)

"Save Your Prayers" is a melodic rock album from UFO bassist Pete Way and Company. The 'company' here is made up of Paul Chapman (UFO) guitar, John Diteodoro drums and Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) vocals. Pete Way knows how to write a hooky hard rock song, as this album clearly shows. Many of these songs could have been radio singles in 1986. "Walls Fall Down" has a big beefy guitar riff and a hooky shout-along  chorus. "WALLS FALL DOWN!" "Black and Blue" is more tailor made for the times and is a melodic rocker that would have fit on a Night Ranger record. "Hell Comes Down" has a touch of the heavier UFO sound that was more prominent on "Vices". This song also sports a big, hooky chorus that begs to be shouted along to. "HELL COMES HOME!" "Heroes Die Young" is a galloping rocker with another big, hooky chorus. "Heaven Tonight" was released as a single for this album and sounds like something .38 Special or Night Ranger might have recorded around this same time. It's a syrupy-sweet pop rock track. Frankly it isn't one of the better songs on this album. A big piece of this albums sound is vocalist Danny Vaughn who has that smooth vocals style, not unlike Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm.

I remember when this album was released, many fans were disappointed by the obvious attempt at a less heavy, more commercial sound from Pete Way. Having been a longtime fan of UFO before Waysted, I too was a bit put off by the album. However, over time I've grown to appreciate this more melodic style of rock. At least it actually is hard rock and not over-polished pop-rock like much of the garbage that would begin to flood the market the very next year.

This album was originally released in 1986 on EMI records in Europe and on Capital Records with a different cover in the US. The expanded CD version of Hear No Evil was released in 2013.

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