White Zombie

La Sexorcisto White Zombie - La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 (Geffen) 1992

1.  Welcome to Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag (6:17)
2.  Knuckle Duster (Radio 1-A) (0:21)
3.  Thunder Kiss '65 (3:53)
4.  Black Sunshine (4:49)
5.  Soul-Crusher (5:07)
6.  Cosmic Monsters Inc. (5:13)
7.  Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah) (5:01)
8.  I Am Legend (5:08)
9.  Knuckle Duster (Radio 2-B) (0:25)
10. Thrust! (5:04)
11. One Big Crunch (0:21)
12. Grindhouse (a Go-Go) (4:05)
13. Starface (5:02)
14. Warp Asylum (6:42)

White Zombie are one of those band's that I've only had a casual interest in. I can say for sure that I far and away prefer the hard rock of White Zombie to the twisted, pop-shock of Rob Zombie's solo releases. "La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1" is all about shock and groove. The image, the lryics, the artwork is all shock! It's one up-ing guys like Alice Cooper. Remember all those anti-rock 'n' roll preachers from the 1980's? White Zombie play right into their hands with each lyric, purposely trying to shock and offend, while at the same time laughing their butts off as this is nothing more than b-grade, horror schlock meant to entertain and nothing more. The music is mostly straight forward groove based hard rock with some industrial noises thrown in for good measure. The album features several songs that FM radio and MTV ate up in the early 90's. There is no denying the simple hook of "Thunder Kiss '65". The song remains a rock radio staple over a decade later. As well, "Black Sunshine" was another hit wan an infectious groove hook. "La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1" was the band's major label debut and their big breakthrough record. It's sludgy, groovy and over-the-top with lyrics and various samples from old movies. The album was certified Double Platinum

Astro Creep White Zombie - Astro-Creep 2000  (Universal/Geffen) 1995

1.      Electric Head Pt. 1 (The Agony) (4:54)
2.      Super-Charger Heaven (3:37)
3.      Real Solution #9 (4:43)
4.      Creature Of The Wheel (3:25)
5.      Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy) (3:53)
6.      Grease Paint And Monkey Brains (3:48)
7.      I Zombie (3:31)
8.      More Human Than Human (4:28)
9.      El Phantasmo & The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama (4:12)
10.     Blur The Technicolor     (4:08)
11.     Blood Milk And Sky (11:19)


Everyone's favorite groove zombies climb out of their six feet deep resting places and bestow upon the world more psycho-rama with their second big label album. The full album title of this disc is ''Astro-Creep 2000: Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head'' and was said to be a pot-shot at all of the popular grunge bands from the time that had one word album titles. "Astro-Creep 2000" was the band's first album without  longtime drummer Ivan DePrume. John Tempesta (Testament, Exodus, Black Label Society) took the seat behind the kit instead. The album produced a hit in "More Human Than Human" which was helped along due to a very popular video.

"Astro-Creep 2000" finds the band becoming even more of a groove and industrial based. "Electric Head Pt 1" starts things off with some odd samples and voiceovers before cutting into a fast pseudo-thrash riff. "Super Charger Heaven" was the album's first single and is a ridiculously catchy tune with an undeniable groove. "Creature of the Wheel" is ultra heavy. "El Phantasmo and the Chicken Blast-O-Rama" is another furious song with yet another fast thrash-inspired riff. The album's big single, "More Human Than Human" is thick and meaty has a huge, hooky, pop chorus that is hypnotic in it's catchiness. The song has a slight hip-hop vibe and inserts some samples of female orgrasms. The album finishes off with "Blood Milk and Sky", a song with a bit of a tribal feel and ton of groove. "Blood Milk and Sky", though listed as 11 minutes long is actually about 5:44 seconds long. After that time there is several minutes of silence before the song picks up again somewhere around the 9 minute mark. I actually find this trend of putting hidden stuff at the end of CDs to be a bit annoying. It don't mind it if it's tacked on as it's own song

Overall, while bands similar to White Zombie haven't always tripped my trigger, this particular album is heavy, fun and catchy. I quite like it from time to time.

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