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The Who

The Who are one of those bands I have a lot of respect for but don't really listen to much or invest much into building an extensive CD collection. I used to have much more of their music when I was collecting vinyl. Despite this, I do enjoy their music and will buy more of their stuff in the future. The Who are legends and one of the reasons rock and roll became what it is today, not only for their music, but also for their wild stage and off-stage antics. Maximum R&B!

Live at Leeds The Who - Live at Leeds (MCA) 1970

1. "Heaven & Hell" (4:30)
2. "I Can't Explain" (2:16)
3. "Fortune Teller" (2:34)
4. "Tattoo" (2:31)
5. "Young Man Blues" (4:30)
6.  "Substitute" (2:16)
7. "Happy Jack" (2:13)
8. "I'm A Boy" (2:40)
9. "A Quick One, While He's Away" (8:25)
10. "Amazing Journey/Sparks" (7:34)
11. "Summertime Blues" (2:34)
12. "Shakin' All Over" (2:51)
13. "My Generation" (4:56)
14. "Magic Bus" (2:07)

A really enjoyable concert from the band, when they were still innovators in hard rock. The group's R&B and blues roots are showcased all over the place. I picked up this disc in a cut out bin for $2.50. It turned out to be mislabeled as this was the '95 reissue, not the six song pressing that came out a few years earlier. The clerk at the store gave it to me for that price anyhow.

Who's Next The Who - Who's Next (MCA) 1971

1. "Baba O'Riley" (5:08)
2. "Bargain" (5:34)
3. "Love Ain't for Keeping" (2:10)
4. "My Wife" (3:41)
5. "The Song is Over" (6:14)
6. "Gettin' in Tune" (4:50)
7. "Goin' Mobile" (3:43)
8. "Behind Blue Eyes" (3:42)
9. "Won't Get Fooled Again" (8:33)
10. "Pure And Easy" (4:22)
11. "Baby Don't You Do It" (5:14)
12. "Naked Eye" (5:31)
13. "Water" (6:25)
14. "Too Much Of Anything" (4:24)
15. "I Don't Even Know Myself" (4:56)
16. "Behind Blue Eyes" [alternate version] (3:26)

What can you say about an album like "Who's Next"? It was one of the defining hard rock records on the 1970's. The original nine track recording reads like a greatest hits album in an ofitself. includes some of The Who's best-known work, such as the anthemic "Baba O'Riley" and "Won't Get Fooled Again", as well as the sorrowful yet angry "Behind Blue Eyes", and perennial fan favorite "Going Mobile". "Who Next" was the perfect combination of Townsend's tough guitar sound and vocal interludes, Moon's manical drumming, Entwistle thumpin' bass, and Daltry's smooth vox. Even the cover art for this one was a rock and roll landmark.

What makes this digitally remastered CD even better than the original CD release is the addition of five previously unreleased songs from "Lifehouse," and the previously unreleased, original version of "Behind Blue Eyes. " These songs, which include "Baby Don't You Do It," "Naked Eye," "Water" and others, are equal in quality to the more familiar songs which make up the original "Who's Next" album. Also included are very well written liner notes by Pete Townshend and John Atkins, which explain the evolution of "Who's Next" from "Lifehouse" as well as plenty of classic photos of the band from this era.

Rez recorded a smokin' version of "Bargain".

The Who - Soundtrack From the Movie "The Kids Are Alright" (MCA) 1979

1. "My Generation" (4:32)
2. "I Can't Explain" (2:01)
3. "Happy Jack" (2:12)
4. "I Can See For Miles" (4:17)
5. "Magic Bus" (3:22)
6. "Long Live Rock" (3:56)
7. "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" (2:49)
8. "Young Man Blues" (5:46)
9. "My Wife" (6:08)
10. "Baba O'Riley" (5:29)
11. "A Quick One, While He's Away" (7:30)
12. "Tommy, Can You Hear Me?" (1:46)
13. "Sparks" (3:01)
14. "Pinball Wizard" (2:48)
15. "See Me, Feel Me" (5:25)
16. "Join Together/Roadrunner/My Generation Blues " (5:25)
17. "Won't Get Fooled Again" (9:48)

The soundtrack to the legendary The Who rockumentary "The Kids Are Alright". This album captured rare live performances of the band during their peak in the 70's. The live versions of "Baba O'Riley" and "Won't Get Fooled Again," turned out to be historic as they were filmed/recorded just months before Keith Moon's untimely death in 1978, the performance stands as his final public performance. The Smothers Brothers Show version of "My Generation" featured here has Keith Moon detonating his drum kit with explosives at the end of the song. He didn't tell anyone ahead of time that he was going to do it, which made it one of rock's classic moments. The sound quality wavers here depending on the song, but overall, this is just a classic album chock full of great Who classics.

Ultimate Collection The Who - Ultimate Collection (UTV) 2002

1. "I Can't Explain" (2:05)
2. "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" (2:41)
3. "My Generation" (3:19)
4. "The Kids Are Alright" (2:46)
5. "A Legal Matter" (2:48)
6. "Substitute" (3:48)
7. "I'm a Boy" (2:37)
8. "Boris the Spider" (2:28)
9. "Happy Jack" (2:11)
10. "Pictures of Lily" (2:45)
11. "I Can See for Miles" (4:07)
12. "Call Me Lightning" (2:21)
13. "Magic Bus" (3:22)
14. "Pinball Wizard" (3:01)
15. "I'm Free" (2:40)
16. "See Me, Feel Me" (3:26)
17. "The Seeker" (3:12)
18. "Summertime Blues" (3:25)
19. "My Wife" (3:35)
20. "Baba O'Riley" (5:00)
21. "Bargain" (5:35)

22. "Behind Blue Eyes" (3:43)
23. "Won't Get Fooled Again" (8:32)
24. "Let's See Action" (3:59)
25. "Pure and Easy" (5:22)
26. "Join Together " (4:22)
27. "Long Live Rock" (3:54)
28. "The Real Me" (3:34)
29. "5'15" (4:50)
30. "Love Reign O'Er Me" (5:51)
31. "Squeeze Box" (2:42)
32. "Who Are You" (6:21)
33. "Sister Disco" (4:21)
34. "You Better You Bet" (5:37)
35. "Einence Front" (5:37)

1. "Substitute" [U.S. Single Version] (2:58)
2. "I'm A Boy" [early version] (3:17)
3. "Happy Jack" [unreleased] (2:50)
4. "Magic Bus" [U.S. Single Version] (3:15)

The Who are rock 'n roll legends. Anyone who has the slightest interest in rock 'n roll probably has a favorite The Who track, even if the Who aren't one of their favorite bands. This is certainly the case for me. I have long liked The Who, but am more of a casual fan. That being the case, this three CD set is almost all I would ever need! (Notice I said 'almost.') The track selection is awesome, including most of my favorite tracks. They even managed to get an obscure favorite of mine on this disc, "Boris the Spider." I am more a fan of the mid-to-late 70's version of the band, than the early years, so disc two will probably get more play than disc one. However, there is plenty of meaty tracks on disc one as well. "Magic Bus", "Substitute", "I Can See For Miles", "Summertime Blues" "Baba O'Riley" and "Bargain" are all standout tracks. (Rez recorded an outstanding cover of "Bargain".) As for disc two, there really isn't a track I don't like. These two discs will see regular play on my CD player. Disc three is a bonus disc that came in a separate cardboard sleeve. I am not sure if this disc is just a limited edition CD or not, but with only four songs, it will most likely be the least listened to disc of the three. (thanks for the hook up Jeff.)

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