Wild Dogs
The Wild Dogs emerged from the influence of the NWOBHM scene at the same time as American bands like Metallica, Slayer and Metal Church and were the first band to be signed to Shrapnel Records in the early 80's. Perhaps the most known member of this band is drummer Deen Castronovo (Malice, Cacophony, Marty Friedman, Ozzy Osbourne, James Murphy, Geezer, Tony MacAlpine).

Fight for your Life Wild Dogs - Reign of Terror (Old Metal) 1987

1. "Metal Fuel (in the blood)" (4:55)
2. "Man Against Machine" (3:47)
3. "Call Of The Dark" (4:17)
4. "Siberian Vacation" (4:37)
5. "Psychoradio" (4:19)
6. "Streets Of Berlin" (5:11)
7. "Spellshock" (3:44)
8. "Reign Of Terror" (5:49)
9. "We Rule The Night" (5:24)
10. "Madhouse" (5:10)
11. "Livin on the Bad Side" (4:38)
12. "Metal Free America" (6:00)
13. "Man On Fire" (4:39)
14. "Thanx For The Ride" (3:49)
15. "Dead To The World" (3:59)
16. "Screaming The Night Away" (2:58)

Wild Dogs are traditional heavy metal that remind me at times of bands like TT Quick, Leatherwolf and even the mighty Judas Priest. Vocalist Michael Furlong brings a lot of the TT Quick comparisons to my mind because of his raspy metal howl. This band knows how to mix things up a bit and write a catchy hook. "Metal Fuel" is a mid-paced rocker, "Man Against the Machine" picks up the tempo a bit, adding in a bit more aggression. "Call of The Dark" picks up the tempo even more. This song rides a fine line between speed metal and classic metal with Castronovo's firey double bass assault. "Siberian Vacation" slows things back down slightly, although the intensity and aggression doesn't let up for a moment. Furlong just belts this song out, especially in the chorus, once again reminding me a bit of Mark Tornillo (TT Quick). "Psychoradio" is another speed metal number with some screamin'leads and more fast, furious drum work. "Streets of Belen" is a more melodic number, bordering on a power ballad but not sounding like a sappy radio ready song. "Spellshock", "Reing of Terror" and "We Rule the Night" close out the album and are all heavy, headbanging anthems that should get your head to banging. On top of the nine original tracks, this Old Metal Records re-issue contains 7 bonus tracks. From what I have read, these tracks were originally recorded as demos for the follow p to "Reign of Terror" that never transpired. These tracks are stylistically very similar to the "Reign of Terror" songs, but the production does drop a bit for these demos. Still there is no denying the power of tracks like "Madhouse" and "Livin' on the Bad Side." Unfortunately the packaging on this re-issue is rather cheap with only a single sided insert for a cover and no liner notes whatsoever. This is really the only thing negative about the CD though. "Reign of Terror" is an excellent heavy metal platter.

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