An Axe To Grind Witchburner - German Thrashing War (R.I.P. Records) 2002

1. Intro (:34)
2. German Thrashing War (3:56)
3. Only Blood Will Remain (3:25)
4. Arrival of the Last Storm (4:19)
5. Raped In Ecstasy (4:01)
6. Witchburner General (3:23)

Well, if the title of this little EP doesn't give a good description of the music contained herein, nothing I write will. Witchburner are definitely a throwback to the German thrash of yesteryear. A mix of old Kreator, Destruction and some Motorhead thrown in for good measure. The title track could have been an unreleased Kreator track from the "Endless Pain" sessions. "Only Blood Will Remain" opens with an obvious nod to Metallica before bursting into a full throttle thrasher. The vocalist. Patrick also brings that classic German thrash sound into the band. He obviously studied at the Schmier school of razor blade thrash singing. Thrashmongers should eat this stuff up.

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