Without Warning

Step Beyond Without Warning - Step Beyond (Conquest) 1998

1. "Step Beyond" (6:48)
2. "More" (4:56)
3. "Prophet" (4:39)
4. "Gracefully" (7:55)
5. "Who Am I?" (4:22)
6. "Turning Pages" (6:15)
7. "To the End" (6:08)
8. "The Embrace" (9:09)
9. "Remember Me" (4:36)

"Step Beyond" is melodic, progressive, heavy metal that is full of passion that is sometimes very dark and moody feeling. However, reading through the lyrics I found the band to be fairly positive and have some Chistian leanings. There are lots of mellow moments spread throughout this CD, although there are plenty of heavier moments as well. I guess this is exactly what one would expect from a prog-metal band. Complex riffs, lots of tempo and riff changes withing each song, profficient guitar solos, slick keyboards, superb bass playing and fairly lengthy songs. What makes or breaks many bands for me is the vocalist. Vocalist Jack Bielata's voice works very well with the music here. He has a slightly raspy sound, but it otherwise clean and offers up some emotional vocal melodies. Coupled with producer Alex Perialas (Testament, among others), "Step Beyond" is a quality album.

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