Wonrowe Vision
New rock and roll band, which is a side project of Mortification bassist Steve Rowe and former Mortification guitarist Lincoln Bowen.

Mission Invicible Wonrowe Vision - Mission Invincible (Silver Bullet) 2010

1. The Spirit Of The Rock (4:32)
2. Mission Invincible (4:06)
3. Resident Spider (3:51)
4. Vaporizer (3:17)
5. Run In Circles (4:47)
6. The White Rock (2:59)
7. Smile Your Way Through Life (4:09)
8. I'm Not Afraid of the Dark (2:17)
9. Wreath The Passion Of My Fire (4:39)
10. Radical Parrot (3:08)
11. Run In Circles [Radio Edit] (3:26)
Wonrowe Vision Live
First Ever Show: Ballan Skate Park, Jan. 30 2010
1. The Spirit Of The Rock
2. Mission Invincible
3. Resident Spider
4. Vaporizer
5. Run in Circles
6. The White Rock
7. Smile Your Way Through Life
8. I'm No Afraid of the Dark
9. Wreath The Passion Of My Fire
10. Radical Parrot
First Ever Club Show: Ruby's Lounge, Mar 16 2010
1. The Spirit Of The Rock
2. Mission Invincible
3. Vaporizer
4. The White Rock
5. Smile Your Way Through Life
6. Resident Spider
7. I'm No Afraid of the Dark

Wonrowe Vision is a side project of Mortification bassist Steve Rowe and ex-Mortification guitarist Lincoln Bowen, along with drummer Andrew Esnouf. As might be suspected, the power trio purposely steers clear of the standard Morty death metal and thrash metal formulas and attempts to create something that is far outside the boundaries set by that band. What they end up with is a slab of guitar and bass driven rock and roll with a heavy 80's punk edge. Comparisons to early Motörhead are not completely far fetched. However, despite the comparison and the fact that this band doesn't sound like Mortification, this still very much sounds like Steve Rowe. His raspy, voice, his bass playing and his style of songwriting is immediately recognizable.

"Spirit of the Rock" is a simple, hooky, biker song that possesses a raw charm. "Vaporizer", "The White Rock" and "Smile Your way Through Life" bring forth the Motörhead comparisons. It's that mixture of classic rock, heavy metal and punk that give Motörhead their sound and what also drives Wonrowe Vision's sound. "The White Rock" also has a bit of The Ramones mixed in as well. "Run in Circles" is an acoustic ballad that has Steve Rowe talking out the lyrics, much like Lemmy might. The vocal technique and the music on this particular track are actually an odd pairing. "Wreath The Passion Of My Fire" is an odd track as well with a bit of jazzy sound and features whistling as a main part of the song. While it is definitely odd, I also found this song to be one of the most compelling and interesting. It definitely strays far from anything that Steve would have done under the Mortification banner. "Smile Your Way Through Life" made me smile as it's such a autobiographical song about Steve Rowe. All through his career, whether playing death metal or thrash metal or whatever, Steve has always been one to smile and enjoy himself when performing and even when posing for promo photos. Many have actually criticized Steve for this, which I found a bit odd. As such, the song made me smile, just knowing the man behind the lyrics.

Unfortunately the production leaves a lot to be desired. The sound is very compressed and narrow, almost sound like it is being played out of an old single speaker transistor radio. Perhaps this was exactly the sound the band was going for. Production usually isn't a big concern for punk bands and early Motorhead was similarly narrow. Probably the biggest disappointment in the mix, however, is that the drums are mixed way behind the bass, vocals and guitars. I kept cranking this album up in my car trying to make it sound like what I really wanted to hear, but the drums just aren't there like I would have liked.

For a limited time the album also comes with a DVD of two of the bands concerts; one at a skate park and the other in a club setting. The DVD is professionally edited, though is shot from what appears to be a single camera.

Pictures... Wonrowe Vision - The Pictures of the Past Present and Future (Silver Bullet Records) 2013

1. That’s Total Evil [studio version] (5:07)
2. Pictures [studio version] (3:13)
3. That’s Total Evil [live] (4:58)
4. Pictures [live] (3:42)
5. You’re So Kind, Yours & Mine [live] (2:59)
6. The Spirit of The Rock [live] (4:51)
7. Mission Invincible [live] (4:04)
8. Resident Spider [live] (3:52)
9. Vaporizer [live] (3:04)
10. The White Rock [live] (2:46)
11. Smile Your Way Through Life [live] (3:39)
12. I’m Not Afraid of the Dark [live] (3:55)
13. Pictures [1986 Lightforce Blue demo] (3:12)
14. You’re So Kind, Yours & Mine [1986 Lightforce Blue demo] (2:31)
15. 12 Men [1986 Lightforce Yellow demo] (3:17)
16. 12 Men [2004 Mortification version from the album Brain Cleaner] (2:16)

"The Pictures of the Past Present and Future" is the second release from Steve Rowe's latest project, Wonrowe Vision. The CDs title gives a clue of what to expect from the release. It is a compilation of sorts, starting with two newly recorded tracks. "That's Total Evil" is a brand new composition from Steve, while "Pictures" is a newly recorded version of a Lightforce demo song from 1986. The demo song is also included as a bonus track, as well as a live version. The two new songs bounce along with a big punk rock vibe that sort of falls somewhere between the Ramones and early Motorhead. Steve Rowe, mostly known for his death growls and Lemmy-like raspy vocals on Mortification releases, sings in a mostly clean voice on both tracks. These two songs are the highlight of the CD for me.

Tracks three through twelve are live songs recorded at a show titled The Metal Bible Launch. The show took place on December 20th, 2012 at the Central Club in Richmond Melbourne, Australia. The song selection is mostly taken from the band's debut release, which was also released on Australian label Silver Bullet Records. The band also played both new songs.  Tracks thirteen through fifteen are 1986 demo recordings from Lightforce. The songs are included as bonus tracks and allow fans to see the transformation of these songs from their inception to now. The last song is Mortification's 2004 recording of "12 Men", which sits aside the 1986 Lightforce version of the same song. (This demo song also appears on the Lightforce "1986 to 1989" compilation CD.) As might be expected, the 1986 demo cuts aren't of the highest quality, but aren't horrid either. All three tracks feature female vocalist Phadrah Hirschfeld.

The album is packaged in a six panel wallet that also contains an 8-panel insert with photos, lyrics, etc. 

The music contained herein is a far different from the heavy metal, thrash and death metal of Mortification. Wonrowe Vision is Steve's attempt to do something outside the norm, and allows him to explore his love of classic hard rock and punk, thus the reason these songs weren't recorded under the Morty banner. Wonrowe Vision might be outside the taste of some Mortification fans, but those willing to go outside the box might find this release to be a fun listen. 

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