Wrekking Machine

Mechanistic Termination Wrekking Machine - Mechanistic Termination (Mausoleum) 1992

1. "Hear Me Now (Listen to Me Later)" (3:49)
2. "Me Myself & I" (3:30)
3. "Brother Man" (4:56)
4. "I Am What I Am" (5:40)
5. "Wrongful Snagulation" (4:48)
6. "Without Direction" (4:50)
7. "Cripple" (4:45)
8. "Scoey's Place" (1:29)
9. "Nothin' to Do (And All Day Ta Do It In)" (5:10)

Wrekking Machine are a fairly technical, very proficient thrash band that remind me of classic Bay Area thrashers Forbidden. Coming out at the tail end of the height of thrash metal's popularity in the early 1990's, "Mechanistic Terminaiton" is fairly unknown. A quick search on the web found nothing on this band whatsoever. Regardless of their popularity, this actually a decent thrash metal platter. Wrekking Machine are slightly more technical than their Bay Area contemporaries, using more dissonant chords and darker, progressive song writing, although they don't neglect memorable hooks. "Me Myself & I" is one of those songs that manages to get stuck in my head long after listening to this CD. Vocalist Shawn Smith has a clean, albeit aggressive style that really reminds me of Russ Anderson of Forbidden. Had "Mechanistic Termination" come out a few years earlier and on a label like Roadrunner or Combat I can only imagine they would have had a similar following to the second wave of Bay Area thrashers.

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