WWIII WWIII (Hollywood) 1990

1.  Time for Terror (5:27)
2.  Love You to Death (4:52)
3.  Over the Rainbow [instrumental] (1:35)
4.  Call Me Devil (4:29)
5.  Children of the Revolution (2:51)
6.  Go Down (5:13)
7.  Love at First Bite (6:13)
8.  The Harder They Come (3:52)
9.  Atomic Sex Appeal (5:09)
10. Drive You Crazy (4:45)
11. The Cage (5:18)

WWII was a 1990's heavy metal supergroup led by vocalist Mandy Lion and featured Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice, former Dio guitarist Tracy G and Jimmy Bain of Rainbow and Dio fame. I saw Dio once with Tracy G on guitar and always thought he was far better than people gave him credit for. He may not have exactly been the right fit for Dio, but here where he is doing his own thing, any skepticism should be put to rest. The guy can play guitar. The instrumental version of "Over the Rainbow" is all about Tracy G and his fret work. The rest of the songs themselves aren't that far off from those old Dio platters. Heavy riffs, mid-paced to slow tempos, simple and straight-forward driving drums and bass. This is old school heavy metal with a bit of a groove. Songs like "Children of the Revolution", "Call Me Devil" and "Time for Terror" are all prime examples. Vocalist Mandy Lion is a very different singer than Dio ever was. He has a gritty voice which is a bit more gutteral than Ronnie ever was. However, he can let off siren screams when the time is right as well.

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