Sodom & America XL & DBD - Sodom & America (Brainstorm) 1993

1. "Brother to the Saboteur" (3:02)
2. "Sodom & America" (3:11)
3. "Kiss of Chaos" (3:16)
4. "Death Before Dishonor" (3:11)
5. "Don't Fool Yourself" (3:14)
6. "My So Called Friend Death" (2:47)
7. "Die (That Settles It)" (3:34)
8. "Woman" (3:59)
9. "Fatal Blow" (3:59)
10. Sifting With the Sickle" (3:01)
11. "Brink of Insanity" (3:38)
12. "Afroka" (3:48)

A novelty disc of sorts. XL is a rapper (with a 5" afro) and DBD (Death Before Dishonor) is his thrash band. "Sodom & America" sports a host of guest artists on vocals and lead guitar including Jimmy P. Brown & Mike Phillips (Deliverance), Mark Soloman and Greg Minier (the Crucified) and Super C (SFC). Loads of gang choruses, thrash riffs, and aggression. The chorus to "Afrocka" is, "I'm a hardcore, afro wearing, hip-hop, rocker. No sellout!" As I said, I always thought of this as just a fun novelty disc. Bands like Anthrax and rappers like Ice T were goofing around with this stuff but otherwise, in 1993 there were very few doing this rap/metal crossover stuff. By the late 90's it became a standard. XL disappeared after this disc.

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