Thunder from the Mountain Zion - Thunder from the Mountain (Image) 1989

1. "Who Pulls the Strings" (4:27)
2. "Kick in the Gates" (3:18)
3. "Is It A Crime" (5:28)
4. "Help Me" (3:10)
5. "Thrillseeker" (3:17)
6. "Sold You A Lie" (4:24)
7. "Roll the Rock" (3:47)
8. "Less of Me" (4:33)
9. "He Loves You" (3:52)

This is the one and only CD that Zion has ever released, although they did release a cassette album titled "Rock For Eternity" in 1984. Zion play catchy and heavy 80's metal. When I say 80's metal, I don't mean hair teased to the sky glam, I mean REAL heavy metal. Occasionally this disc reminds me of W.A.S.P., early Def Leppard or a slightly more technical AC/DC. Zion were very bold lyrically, taking a firm Christian stance, especially on songs such as Kick In The Gates, Roll The Rock, and He Loves You. Back in the day, bands like this weren't ashamed to be called a "Christian" band and why not? I personally prefer band's that sing what they believe instead of pushing pure hype. Zion's biggest claim to fame is singer Rex Scott who went on to become X-Sinner's vocalist, although he doesn't quite have the Bon Scott sound on this release. Also of note, this album was produced by ex-Bloodgood guitarist David Zaffiro who co-wrote 4 songsand played guitar on one song.

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