3 Legged Dogg

Frozen Summer 3 Legged Dogg - Frozen Summer (Perris Records) 2006

1. Frozen Summer (4:30)
2. Give and Take Away (4:16)
3. Rain on My Parade (4:56)
4. One Good Reason (3:21)
5. Wasted Life (3:47)
6. Long Way Back from Hell (4:20)
7. Left for Dead (3:59)
8. Bring the Hammer Down (4:03)

3 Legged Dogg is a supergroup of sorts featuring the rhythm section from the classic Dio line-up, Jimmy Bain (Rainbow, Wild Horses) and Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath) along with Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo, guitarist Brian Young (David Lee Roth, Beau Nasty) and vocalist Chas West (Bonham). What these guys manage to create is an album that can only be described as...mediocre, radio-friendly modern rock. This is especially true of the opening three tracks. "Give and Take Away", "Rain on My Parade", and the title track have a laid-back 90's grunge sound though the singing of Chas West is heartfelt and gives the songs some life. The remainder of the album is more blues based, not unlike Badlands or similar style blues-based hard rock groups. For the most part the songs are unmemorable and the riffs aren't all that exciting. "Wasted Life" sports the toughest riff of the bunch with a driving baseline and some cool harmonica parts. Overall 3 Legged Dogg's only album is not bad but is also fairly forgettable album.

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