Dream Child

To Heaven from Hell Dream Child - Reaching the Golden Gates (Metal Blade) 1999

1. "To Our Dreams" (7:08)
2. "Bells of Nemesis" (6:01)
3. "The Search" (6:02)
4. "Acalmy" [instrumental] (1:42)
5. "Alchemy" (6:22)
6. "Fly Again" (5:50)
7. "Kadesh Battle" [instrumental] (3:32)
8. "Crystal Lady" (7:18)
9. "Shade on Your Sun" (5:57)
10. "Answers" (6:17)

Man, there sure is not shortage of progressive metal band around these day. Dream Child are yet another to climb about the Dream Theater/Fates Warning train and ride it with all thier might. Musically the band is tight, with a high pitched vocalist and the song writing technical. What woud you expect from a prog band?

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